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Start Date: Jan 17th, 2013
Last Update: Jan 17th, 2013
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Date Posted: Jan 17th, 2013 at 00:23 - Comments (1)
3 Nights / 2 days – very fast darshan
(Travellers: Myself, my husband, my sister, my mother and my little darling son)
12th January at 10.10pm - train board at Krishnarajapuram to Thrissur.
13th Jan train was 1.30hrs late, reached thrissur at 9am instead 8.10am. We hired a tax to Guruvayur, reached in 30minutes. Taxi traffic paid rs.500/- (we negotiated 100/-)
We talked into hotel nandanam, KTDC hotel – checked for availability for 4 people we paid Rs. 1200/- without night stay. Room was very clean n neat. Fastly got freshen up, had breakfast to the restaurant attached (not food) and rushed to temple around 11.50am
Camera, mobile, electronics – not to carry inside temple – but for my observation there was no scanning,. Heavy rush and we came out around 1.00pm. Lord Krishna is too small and two eyes are not enough to see him anytime, anywhere.
One queue for all, there might be special concern for their own people, but no special more money; no queue darshan, and I personally found temples are not corrupted alike Tamil nadu n to some extent Karnataka. Kerala temples are more into culture, dress code, rites, rules and regulations.

Had lunch nearby hotel, who put his name place as ‘saravan bhavan’ – no relationship with original hotel, just the name. Food was reasonable. We paid rs. 250 for 4 people. Back to room and took rest and started around 4pm to punnathur – elephant camp. We hired auto rs. 50/- tickets at counter for kids n adults, all huge elephants were sleeping, bathing, eating, but no smiling. No idea whether these animals are happy or no. We took auto rs. 65/- to venkataeshwara temple, which is located behind railway station. Again remove shirt (thank god they allowed me, though as I was with ¾ jeans) from there we got another auto rs. 15/- for parthasarathi temple. Back to hotel too tired, packed all checked out from hotel, left the luggage in reception n went to have dinner. In the circle one hotel nandini, had dinner price around rs. 200/- (we had tiffin items only) came to hotel took baggers, walked to railway station 10 minutes. It is really nice to stay in this hotel near to temple n near to station. 8.50pm train to tirunelveli by 3rd ac.
14th January. Train was on time 7.45am reached station, auto 40/- to hotel sri janakiraman, walk able distance. But with kid, elder and 4 bag of luggage, better to take auto. We just walked in and looked for room. It was available again rs. 1000/- for 4 people without night stay. They finished the process very quick and handed over the key. Room was very neat n clean. Had breakfast with the same restaurant attached, food was good n price ok I think so.

I plan to take 10am train which goes to tiruchandur. (Passenger train), again we literally rushed n got freshen up and one person left to take ticket early and we rushed back. Ticket Rs.10/- per person. It took nearly 1.30 hours to reach tiruchandur. Around 11.30am we reached station, auto rs. 50/- to reach temple. Because of pongal heavy rush.
Darma-darshnam rs. 10 n rs. 20. Special darshanam rs. 100/- and quick darshanam rs. 250/-
I being smart most of the time, got fooled here I felt so. The moment we enter, looking at us, some poojari or Brahmin (25-50 nos standing there) come to us to deal. I thought this way, heavy rush, so if I go for 100/- also rush, so I deal with him to pay 600/- and have quick darshan. But the story was different. They (in-directly) promote the same ticket, 3 person come to deal or 250/- ticket and finally I settled for r.s 100/- immediately he took 400/- and said he will come with ticket n he came with ticket (never showed the ticket nor handed over the ticket to us – after darshan also), he put us in 100/- queue accompanied us half way and transferred us to another man once we entered inter wall. There were 2-3 security check for ticket, all the time he came n told 4 people see ticket to them. It took 30 minutes to have darshan. Till end I was not able to understand their dealing and what stratagy they are into. Is the temple involved in it or what ? For what ? Who all are making money? It was bit out of my understanding. Personally when we come across, such thing – one feels the sanity itself no more ........ God n temple is for sale ???????
All happens in front of god, they deal for his darshan. Oh my god.
Fine, we came to sea-shore and spend 30 minutes. My son loves it. It was almost 1.40pm. I again wanted to go by train which is around 2.35pm. So we rushed to hotel kaveri, packed our meals rs. 60/- per meal - ok, took auto rs.50/- reached station and took rs. 40/- ticket for 4 people to tirunelveli. Had lunch in train and reached 4pm. Rushed to hotel packed, freshen-up – checked out hotel, put the luggage in reception
Took auto to Nalliappar temple – rs. 80/- opposite of temple is this famous irrutukadai halwa shop located. They are closed on Sunday’s seems. Daily 5pm-7pm only they open shop. Before they open there is a big queue. Of course separate queue for ladies and gents. Rs. 140/- per kg. Of course they make it quick, so no need to worry. Then we went to nalliappar temple. It is too huge and too good to watch, one may need to spend lot of time in temple. But because of time constrain, we need to rush took auto rs.70 +10 upto station, to hotel land picked baggies and he drop us station rs. 10/- extra. Cool.
6.50pm, there was a train to Madurai, we just walked in took un-reserved ticket, got into reserved coach, where people board from Madurai. Paid rs. 365/- the difference to the TT and got seat. 9.20pm train reached Madurai and we walked (last month had been to Madurai, so know upto some extent) to hotel sabari and had dinner. 1-idiyappam, 2 hadai, 2 plate idly, 2 mushroom rice, 2 badam milk, 1 coffee –rs. 300/- cool.

Again we walked to periyar bus stand, around 11.15 was our sleeper coach bus to Bangalore, my son first time saw the sleeper coach bus, amma climbing on ladder sit at top, I am watching star, will not sleep and for first 10 min, he was jumping like rat n cat, he could not control his excitement, if we have crores n crores, that doesnot make so happy – I enjoyed seeing him n I was too happy. Exactly 6.20am or so, we got down at kalashipalyam. Auto rs. 144+20 extra upto krishnarajpuram. Reached home.

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