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Start Date: Feb 12th, 2009
Last Update: Apr 9th, 2016
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Description: film India trip 2008

travel dairy (film) India 2008
Date Posted: Apr 9th, 2016 at 00:31 - Comments (0)
Dear Indiamikers,

I decided to put the film I made from my trip in 2008 online.
It took quite some time to make this decision.

At that time (2008) I had no good camera, and my English (voice over) is not good, but at festivals it turned out, many people still liked the content.

The film takes 50 minutes. So you should only watch it if you have time,
and are ready to sit back and relax.

It was a kind of personal project, without support or financial funds,
Neither did I had any professional education in making films, effects, voice overs, editing and so on.

Indiamike seems to me a proper place to put this personal link (maybe not permanent).


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