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8th April 2009: A Lovely Hotel Room
Date Posted: Oct 17th, 2009 at 18:37 Comments (1)
No notes in my journal again for today as I didn't leave the hotel due to illness, but boy was I glad that we had a nice room in the Jagat Niwas and one with a TV too. I've only watched a little bit of TV in India so far and mainly just for the fun of seeing the differences but today I will mainly be watching films.
I wish I'd asked Jane at the time to fill in my journal but alas I didn't so here's what can still be remembered.

More than being worried about myself I was worried about Jane and the kids not being able to go anywhere or do anything today. At the same time I was worried that if they did go somewhere without me they wouldn't be safe and perhaps they should stay here. Catch 22.

Whilst they all went for breakfast I read my Rough Guide and came up with a shortlist of things for them to do that were nearby.

A trip to Bagore-ki-Haveli won the decision as the draw of seeing the world's largest turban was just too exciting...okay, maybe not. Off they trotted on the short walk, past the various little shops and tailors, past the Mewar Haveli that we almost stayed at and over the hill and down the hill to the Bagore-ki-Haveli. Not too far.

Emilia and Amy adored the lovely sarees and seemed, for some reason, impressed by the world's largest turban. A slow meander through the artist's gallery beforethe happened across the courtyard, where the do the evening cultural dancing show. They ran around playing hide and seek in the courtyard for sometime before deciding that it must be time for lunch.

Jane had decided that although the food at the Jagat is good she'd give somewhere else a go, so they stopped at a restaurant whose name they've long forgotten. A small pizza-and-chips combination for the three of them and the usual set of drinks - Lime Soda for Jane; Marinda for Amy; Water for Emilia - meant they were ready for a little more walking around.

One key thing I wanted to do with the girls in Udaipur was to go horse riding. Well actually I would have been happy to walk, as long as they got to ride. So this the afternoon task for Jane; find out about horse riding treks and get one booked.

There's plenty of places offering tourist tours and travel in Udaipur but which one to chose. Jane decided that a combination of price and friendliness would decide the winner and set off visiting a couple of the places nearby.

She got a few prices and came back to the room to see her English Patient who was currently in the middle of a non-descript very forgettable film. Instead of popcorn there were scatterings of mineral water bottles and diarlyte sachets strewn everywhere.

Afterwards she took the kids for another walk back to the winning travel agent to book up the horse riding for 9am the next day. Memories are fading but we think that it was about Rs300 rupees per person, plus a boy/runner for each of the girls at Rs100 each and a tuk-tuk of Rs100. That would make Rs1200 which seems about the price we remember.

Back in the hotel we all do a bit of reading before Jane takes the girls for dinner on the rooftop terrace, where they have, of all things (!), Fish and Chips.

Tonight's Hotel: Jagat Niwas Palace Hotel

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