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5th April 2009: Wonderful, Wonderful Mehrangarh
Date Posted: Oct 10th, 2009 at 23:34 Comments (0)
I keep waking up at 5am but today I'm not bothered as I'm excited to see possibly the best fort in Rajasthan, Jodhpur's Mehrangarh.
At 6:30am I decide to update the blog much to the surprise of the hotel porters. I do like the Internet setup here, you just fill in the start/stop time and room/name details and even pay someone there and then, or it just gets added to your account. Having said that its the most expensive yet at Rs1/minute, about three times the price of anywhere else, but that means I can do an hour for 1, in the comfort of my own hotel. After installing Microsoft's Image Resizer (should I really do this sort of thing on their PC?) I upload 35 photos to my gallery and create some articles. That should keep the UK contingent happy for a while.
During a lazy breakfast we chat with an American family who are here with kids of a similar age to ours. The competitive Dad tells us how they're travelling by car and they didn't let their kids bring their Nintendo DS's with them. We did, I say nothing. We have a nice chat as their going to Udaipur next, a day before we do it. A single guy, whose nationality I can't quite work out, is flying to Udaipur today, grinning that it will only take a fraction of the driving time. I mention Ranakpur and it feels like I've mentioned Agincourt to a Francophile. Oops, he's obviously not happy about missing it.
At 10am Kamal is ready and waiting for us, as arranged, and we head off to Mehrangarh. Jane's been here once before but was ill and doesn't remember to much about it.
The sheer size of the fort is impressive from afar but, just like the Taj Mahal, its beauty can only be seen close up. Every sandstone wall seems to have been intricately carved and the room interiors are just lovely too.It's a terrific place and we spend 3.5 hours there without even noticing that yet again it's 2pm and we've not eaten. I've only just realised that we've not been hassled by anyone, bar a couple of photos.
Given the choice I would return here before the Taj Mahal or any of the other places I've seen so far.
After buying a couple of things in the shop we have a look at the stole/dupatta seller with his beautiful dyed merchandise. They're expensive at Rs600 (fixed price) and Jane walks on. I convince Jane that she's unlikely to find anything like it elsewhere, they're beautiful, she should buy one. Each of the girls get one too and I could have saved myself 30 if I'd kept my mouth shut.
In the evening Kamal drops us at Bollygood, which we'd searched for and found earlier. It's nothing like I expected; it's very plain; it's got plastic seats and no A/C; it's empty. The menu looks okay and although I'm still not feeling great, Jane neither, I order a Dupiaza whilst the others all order more western style meals. Yet again my meal arrives first and for once i'm hungry so it doesn't stay in the bowl long. Amy's Spagheti Bolognese turns up and she moans about it being hot at which point we suggest she just gets on with it and stops moaning. Ten minutes later and she's still struggling, I take a mouthful and almost spit it out: it's hotter than a Madras curry back home, probably a Vindaloo heat; it's meant to be Spag Bol for Christ's sake.
We're happy to leave Bollygood (sorry Dhans) but find there's no tuk-tuks to be had. Finally one arrives but he can't understand what I'm saying, but I think I know where it is so we get in and direct him to our hotel, eventually. When we get there he says he knows the hotel. I pay him far too much as I'm happy to be 'home'.

Tonight's Hotel: Ratan Vilas, Jodhpur
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