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3rd April 2009: Off To Pushkar
Date Posted: Oct 8th, 2009 at 02:33 Comments (0)
It seems the hotel food may not be as good as it could be. Jane and I are feeling very bad but we return to the restaurant for breakfast as the girls are hungry. Neither of us are looking forward to the car journey today.

Pushkar was added to the itinerary for only one reason: to split up the Jaipur to Jodhpur journey. Yet I was looking forward to seeing the lake and the many temples that surround it.

The Green Park Resort hotel in Pushkar has got a lovely pool and the kids are in it within a few minutes of arriving. It's time for lunch though so we head up to the restaurant, for some vegetarian cooking, as there's no meat in Pushkar. The food arrives one dish at a time but it's fresh and tastes good. Not that Jane or I are up for eating much of it. Shame.

Later in the afternoon we head to the lake, buying some nice cushion covers on the way to Jaipur Ghat. At the ghat we're immediately accosted by Brahmin priests - authentic or not I'm unsure - who want to fleece me for an offering I'm not interested in. It takes them a while to get the picture at which point they curse me and tell me no-one in the market will sell me anything if I'm not wearing one of their red string bracelets. I laugh this off as I show him the cushion covers we'd just bought.

The lake itself is like a construction site with hardly any water in it and multiple diggers ready to move earth around; it's hardly pleasing to the eye. Back in the market area it seems like every cafe has a stoned hippy in it. It's a busy road and we nearly got run over by multiple vehicles of various sizes and speeds.

Pushkar is not my kind of place and I'm suprised that I thought it would be. After all I didn't like Varanasi too much in 1996. There's obviously something about hugely religious towns that I don't like; probably the amount of people on a mission doesn't help; probably it because it's not my religion, if in fact I have one.

On the way back to the hotel, I'm accosted by a shoe seller near the Gurdwara. "Excuse me sir, I was just saying to my son that I saw you go past earlier and you haven't yet returned". At this point I'm thinking, "oh here we go again". It turned out that his 10 year old granddaughter had just arrived from Udaipur and he'd love for her to meet the girls. Within minutes of his phone call to her she was running down the street, but when she arrived she was so out of breath that she couldn't talk. It stayed that way for 10 minutes until we left. But what a lovely moment it was.

Back at the hotel its time for a visit to the restaurant and the new pastime of watch one person eat at a time. The girls tuck into their food and ours too, which we're not feeling like eating.

Tonight's Hotel: Green Park Resort, Pushkar
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