Journal: Monsoon Meddling
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Is India becoming too developed?
Date Posted: Jul 16th, 2017 at 01:04 Comments (2)
Back in Gurgaon for my annual business trip and to catch up with old friends. Arrived at an airport with functioning air conditioning, shops and an immigration queue that didn't make me think I may draw my pension before I get to the desk. Met my friends after Artivals without being accosted by a million taxi drivers, and was taken to a modern hotel in an SUV rather than a stately Ambassador.

Then after a (cashless) night out in some trendy bars in the Cyber Hub, I began to think that perhaps Mr Modi's India was becoming a tad too modern. But on the way back to the hotel I see a crowd of 200 people lifting a steel pole off the roof of a partly crushed truck, while a camel picks it's way through the Mercedes and Audis in the monster traffic jam. And the next day all the lights go out in the middle of the meeting. I can relax, real India is still alive and well

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