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J1.01 - Pre Trip Plan and Itinerary
Date Posted: Jan 14th, 2013 at 16:28 Comments (1)
The Journal is being written post the trip, since during traveling; internet and spare time were luxuries unavailable :-)

This post covers the Pre Trip Plan, Stuffs carried and the planned Itinerary

Period: Jan 07, 2013 to Jan 13, 2013.
To begin with,
Our aim was to visit Rishikesh and Auli and the primary reason was Photography alone.Based on this and numerous chats on Indiamike, info from Wikitravel etc; we created the Plan as tabulated below.

We were 2 and coming from Mumbai(myself) and Chennai(Bharath) with no prior experiences of cold weather or Himalayan terrain but just the excitement to visit Himalayas.

We had weeks time with us, from 07 Jan 2013 (Monday) to 13 Jan 2013(Sunday) to travel, explore and take pics :-)
The days spanning the visit were based on our availability and feasibility and still be on time at home for Jan 14th [Makar Sankrant / Pongal].

As photography enthusiasts,
Bharath carried Nikon D3000 and 18-55 Std Kit Lens
while I carried
Canon EOS 550D,
Canon 18-55 mm Std Kit Lens
Canon 50mm F1.8 Prime Lens
Canon 135mm L F2 USM Prime Lens and Tripod
4Gb, 16Gb, 32Gb Cards, ShutterRemoteControl-Cabled
2 dSLR Batteries

3 Thick Cotton Jerseys (local shops)
1 Zipped Pull Over (bought from big bazaar)
1 Forclaz Fleece Jacket
1 Forclaz Mountaineering Jacket for Snow
1 Nike Warm DryFit Running Pant
1 Thick Cotton Pant
1 Jeans

3 Pair of Reebok Socks
2 Pair of thin usual socks
FORCLAZ 300 Hiking Pole
1 Father's Bike Headgear (Oh it keeps head pretty warm)
Woodlands Shoe (gave pretty good grip in Auli Snow conditions as well)
Swiss Knife
Anti UV Cap (aah it was really good and light, unfortunately lost it in the travel :-( to be revealed later on)

All this arranged in 3 bags
1.] 75 L RuckSack
2.] Canon Standard Pouch Bag to carry medicals, lens hood, straps etc
3.] LowePro 550W to carry lenses and Body

The trip ended today on Jan 14th when I reached home (Mumbai) and I hope to share my experience in series of posts commencing with this one.

Prashant Menon

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