Re: chapter 16-the paschim express
Date Posted: Apr 6th, 2017 at 21:06Commenter: salima
thanks edwin!
this trip seemed to really stand out in my mind for some reason, and i find it hard to believe that i remembered so many details because i didnt write this up until i had been back home close to two weeks.

some things are still getting clearer to me about indian people and how to read them. and of course there is a context which determines or hides their secrets. if that isnt followed, all the answers will be wrong.

for instance, in india, i have found that the most friendly and charming people i have met usually turn out to be the most dishonest. i dont avoid them because i like charming and friendly people, i just dont ask them to watch my luggage for me. honest people seem to appear sad to me, and yet happy people are not necessarily any one thing or another...just happy.

in america it was so easy-all the bad guys look mean and the good guys are pleasant or no more than grim. sure makes life easy, but i think i lost the ability to differentiate properly.

thanks for reading, i am glad you enjoyed it. hopefully i will have lots to write about in the village and wont have to concentrate on the train. but what can i do-the most interesting and unusual people of all that i have seen so far have been on the trains!

i am pretty excited about my trip now, my luggage is still sitting out and i am planning on what to take already! one thing i must buy is some decent shoes for rough terrain!
Re: chapter 16-the paschim express
Date Posted: Apr 6th, 2017 at 03:14Commenter: OldandRambling
Congratulations once again on a very entertaining chapter. I like how you are drawn to people with nice faces, like the rickshaw driver. I can never draw such vivid word pictures as you do... Do you make notes about folk you meet at the time, or rely on memory? I could picture very well the rich folk with the wrong tickets, and sadly too, the cranky child.
It is to your credit that you "sat and looked around, to learn something..." We should all try to do this, I think.

Thanks again!


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