Help! Stay Options In Jodhpur
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Help! Stay Options In Jodhpur

Hey ppls.... Pls help
Any recommendations for accommodation in Jodhpur or around Jodhpur…budget is anywhere between Rs 1500 to 2500 per day. A nice place where I can relax and chill out in an AC room is what I need.
I saw options like Pal Haveli and Rohetgarh but their tariffs start at Rs4000 :(
Pls lemme know asap


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Devi Bhawan is in a quieter area with a lovely garden - I think it would be within your budget. Nearby is Madho Niwas where I often stay, slightly cheaper, clean adequate rooms and also a garden. Both are just off Airport Road, near Ratanada Circle. Devi Bhawan has a website (do a Google), Phone no. is 0291 -2511067. Madho Niwas phone no. is 0291 -2512486.
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thank you aisha, anything with a view of the fort from the room?
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No, not in this area - mostly garden views I think.
If you want closer to the Fort, Singhvi's Haveli (0291 -2624293)
or Haveli Guest House (this one definitely has Fort views)
(0291 - 2614615) are two that people have told me are fine. Both should be within your budget range.
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We stayed at Haveli Guest House - it was fine, rooms are AC, ask for fort view - blue or orange room are nice nice rooftop for chilling and in a quite busy atmospheric little corner of the old city...Check out the website - just google it, or check the reviews in the hotel section.
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thanks you for all the inputs ....i have booked the "orange" room at the haveli guest house :) ...seems quite reasonable at rs1500. keeping my fingers crossed that my friend also likes it or im going to get wacked :(

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