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globtreker Jan 11th, 2012 23:15

Good eatries nearby jodhpur

Does anybody knows good highway dhabas near by jodhpur city. There are some at a distance of 5 - 15 kms, one of these is at 9 Mile, and another one is near DPS School.

If anyone knows good dhabas at about 30-40 kms distance from jodhpur, then please update, we friends are planning a dinner and a long drive.


Draconion Apr 3rd, 2012 10:09

If this helps now!

Not that this helps, but there is a nice little dhaba at 9 Mile (Read Nau Meeal): Chamunda.

Its famous in my University (I study in a Law School nearby) for its tandoori alu parathas, sev tamatar and dhai fry.

The food is oily but we all love it. It cannot, however, be described as a family restaurant...a shady truckers sort of a place.

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