Biking trip from Ahemadabad to Jaipur from 25th noon to 3rd afternoon
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Biking trip from Ahemadabad to Jaipur from 25th noon to 3rd afternoon

Hi all,

We are group of 5 bikers, so totally 10 people (including pillions) are landing in Ahemadabad on 25th morning, taking our bikes and starting from there by 11 AM. We wanted to know if the following plan and route is possible with our short time. If possible, any better routes available?

25th - we will be starting our ride to Belasara (270km) and from there we do another 40 to the Island in Rann of Kutch lake named "Dholavira". We enjoy the full moon, go on night camel ride or what so ever and sleep tight.

26th - refresh, stare at Salt lake as much you can and then start the ride noon to Mount abu. We will in the nearest village/town if it is too dark to drive on mount abu.

27th - reaching Mount abu, local sight seeing, etc and start to Udaipur by noon. Udaipur is 162 kms. We will sleep in Udaipur after some local sight seeings.

28th - We will go around Udaipur, local sight seeings and stay there to see more places.
29th - We will start from Udaipur to Jodhpur (260kms) early. We will sleep at Jodhpur.

30th - We will start from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer (280 kms) after the local sight seeings at Jodhpur. Target is to reach Jaisalmer by night around 8 PM.

31st - Chill at Jaisalmer, local sight seeing, desert activities, etc. Sleep at Jaisalmer.

1st - Start from Jaisalmer by morning and target is to go 250kms, halt at the nearest survivable village where we could reach at that time.

2nd - Start from the previous night town to Ajmer 200 kms. Halt in Ajmer, see around and sleep in Ajmer.

3rd - Start from Ajmer to Jaipur (162kms). Reach Jaipur by afternoon. If GATI is opened on 4th, we will still have the bikes, else we will parcel the bikes before 6PM, take a room, relax and then chill out in local sight seeing.

4th - Wake up, do all the local sight seeings and then board the Air Costa flight by 8PM to reach Chennai before midnight.

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Guys, any advises on the above route suggested? :)
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Guys, any advises on the above planned route?

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