Information Needed Regarding Netarhat
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Information Needed Regarding Netarhat

Hi all,

I'm planning to visit Netarhat during this May-June (2012)but don't have sufficient information regarding the same place. Netarhat totally blown me away after I gone through some of its pics in Picassa. Its such a great place to be at.

I would like to request any one who have any prior experiences of visiting this place to provide some information about this.
To be more specific, I'm looking for information on following aspects:

1. How to reach there from Ranchi- Netarhat, bus fare, stoppage, journey time etc.
2. Reasonable hotels (we'll be just a bunch of vagabonds planning this out thus budget matters :D).
3. Local sight-seeing. Can we rent a cycle or bike out there?
4. Local/ tribal village, peoples.
5. Any other suggestions.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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I am going there in 2 days. Get in touch.
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Hey RoadRomeo,

Thats great man. You have changed our plan a bit and going to Duars instead of Netarhat. But I'll visit Netarhat sometime around winter. Eagerly waiting for your trip report. Have a safe & happy journey :)
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How to reach netarhat from ranchi
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Hi Subrata Sanyal,

you can get direct buses and cars from Ranchi for Netarhat.
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hi all,
How can I reach netarhat from betla. What is recent road condition from betla to netarhat via Latehar forest - Garu - Mahuadabar - Lodh falls route...
is it safe to go Netarhut now as a tourist......?
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betla to netarhat

I am afraid it's been quite some time since the last post.
travelled from Betla to Netarhat last week.
Travelled by a car- all locals told me that its not that unsafe and the tourists are not generally disturbed by Maoists.
The roads are remarkably well maintained and there are fortified police outposts on the way. The Maoists are present as well and you can feel them keeping a close watch.
Betla forest is wonderful but locals tell that there is little scope of spotting anything substantial because the Maoists have killed most of them, still riding on an elephant in the morning is quite an experience.
Netarhat has very basic accommodation facilities- I stayed in Jharkhand Tourism bungalow- there's electricity only after 7pm- the staff are slow and stubborn- but what do expect in the middle of Latehar district. Most of the people are on Mahua and hariya all throughout the day.
I think it would be much better if one can ignore the inadequacies and focus on the beauty of the place and the simple natured people.
I took a ride in a jeep next morning to Lohardaga station from where local trains are available to go to Ranchi
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