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aviramkar Mar 19th, 2015 15:30

Chandil TATA Burudi.
Hi. This is my Travel Report in Indiamike. In January 2015, I travel around Jharkhand. Summary is:
09.01.2015 (Firday) : Catch 58011 HWH-CKP Pass at 11.00PM.
10.01.2015 (Saturday) : Reach Chandil Jn. Go to Chandil Dam. Then Tatanagar. Evening at Jubilee Park.
11.01.2015 (Sunday) : Go to Dimna Lake. Ghatsila Burudi Lake, Jadugora. Night Stay at TATA.
12.01.2015 (Monday): Catch 12814 Steel Exp from Tata. Reach Howrah at 10.20 Am.

My Friend Surajit now Settled in Tatanagar. Many Times he invites me to go there. So in this January at last I decided to go there. Generally people catch 12021 Hwh-Barbil Janasatbdi Express or 12871 Steel Express in Morning 6 or 7 Am from Howrah & Reach Tata around 10 to 11 Am. But I break the rule. My plan is catch 58011 Hwh-Chakradharpur Passenger. Reach Chandil at 7.30Am. See Chandil Dam. Then Catch Train to Tata. Reach there
I catch 58011 Howrah- Chakradharpur Passenger from Howrah at 11PM. This train Fully packed of Trekkers who generally treks at Susunia ( Chatna Station ) at Adhogdhya Pahar (Barabhum Station).
It reach Barabhum Station in time but wait there for signal (20 Minutes). Next station Biramdih then Nimdihi. Saturday is ‘Hatbar’ for those area. So the Passenger Train become ‘Local’ train from Biramdih & ‘vendor’ Train from Nimdih. Reached Chandil at 8.30 Am. Train Fare @ Rs.150.00 for Sleeper Class.

I totally new for this area & did not know how to go for Chandil Dam. Auto Stand is Just beside the Station. They charge Rs. 350.00 (One Way) to Reach there. After some chitchat it comes down to Rs.300.00 ( If tight bargain of a large Group it would be 250.00, I think so).If anybody booked the auto for up/down or half day tour for Chadil Dam, it might be Rs.600-700. The auto is 6-8 Seater & I am the solo budget traveler thus it like too high for me[shock]. Then for some other possibility I go to the most informative place in India “Chai ki Dukan”. They guide us to go Bara Rasta (1 minute walk from Station)
Catch Local Auto from there to Bazar Chowk @ Rs. 5. Then Walk to Dam. “Kariban 10 Minute Lagega.”:cool:

I ordered my Breakfast there & realize it not only a tea Stall, a Hotel Also. There are so may item. Puri, kacburi, idli, chop, onion pakora, litti etc. But Sabji is same for all. Have Tea @ Rs.5 & Litti @ Rs.5. When they serve tea I realize it is not tea, a new drink I ever had. Ubla huwa garam pani aur dusbin ki khubu, maja hi aa gaya.[cry]

So, I came main Road (NH-32 , Gobindapur-Tatanagar Road) & catch a local auto & reach Bajar Chowk.And started walk to chandil dam. There are some locality in both side on the road. After some time all the locality vanished & dusty way Start. Walked for 15 Minutes, but there are no sign of Chandil Dam.After asking a local boy he replied “Aur 10 Minute Lagega.” There was no Auto or Car in this way.OK.
Walked again 15 minutes but Dam not Come. Then asker a Farmer. He Said “ Beta, O jo pahar dekh rahe he na, uska piche hi dam hai. Sirf 10 Minute ka rasta hai.” And when I crossed the Pahar? (Tila) atlast see the Chandil Dam. After asking the Dam Security Guard, he said the Distance of Dam from Bajar Chowk is 3 Km. 10 minute bolkar 3 Km Hata dia yaar.[shock]:mad:

The Chadil dam is so beautiful than I Think. Subarnarekha River is a makeover here. From Upper Road it looks like the sea. This beautiful place is only 1 night journey from Kolkata. You can enjoy the Speed Boat Ride here. There is some Picnic party who enjoyed the scenario. I bath in transparent water. This water like a mirror of clear blue Sky. Aj blue hai pani pani pani, aur din vi sunny sunny sunny.:D

If you go there by car or Reserve auto, you have to paid the Parking Fess @ 20 to local Club. There are also sum restaurant there Fish Meal @ 50 Chicken @ 70, but I do not eat there. I have invited for Lunch at Tatanagar. After spend some relax relish 2 hours, I try to back Chandil Station.

To Avoid “10 Minute Walk”;) I approached some auto driver for Station, but they not ready for it as they book for the Day. Uff. Start walk for Station. Luckly got an empty auto in dam Road. They offered me for book the auto to Bazar Chowk @ 150 or Sharing @ 15. I choose 2nd option. After reaching chowk the same auto go for Station & Finally I pay Rs. 20 to Him.

From Chandil Junction, I catch 13512 Asansol- Tatanagar Memu at 12:17 pm @ 10. After 1 hours beautiful journey beside Hill & Chimney reach Tata at 1.30 pm. The Same train become Tatanagar-Kharagpur Memu departure at 2.00pm. Thus anybody can directly reach to Galudih/Ghatsila without changing the train from Chandil. Or there are many buses from Bazar Chowk to Tatanagar (1 hr 30 Minute Journey). If you don’t get any connecting train to Tata Its should Try.

My Friend Surajit come at Station. Catch local auto to Sonari towards his home @ 20. Auto Rate at Station Compound id high, so don’t try to board this.

aviramkar Mar 19th, 2015 15:39

10 Attachment(s)
There are some Pics I Taken
1. CKP Passesnger 2.Bazar Chowraha 3.Way to Dam 4-10.Chandil Dam

aviramkar Mar 19th, 2015 15:43

7 Attachment(s)
11-16. Chandil 17. Chandil Dam Boating Rate

aviramkar Mar 19th, 2015 16:39

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Day 10th January 2015

After Lunch at Surajit House, I try to a sweet small power nap. Yesterday at Train I had no proper Sleep:p. At 4.00 Am. I wake up & go to Jubilee Garden. Suronit come with his Camera. We catch an Auto from Sonari directly to garden @ 20. It’s like the Heart of Jamshedpur. Many Flower Garden & Sarobar around it. After some time suro received a phone call from his job place & go there for urgent (As always) works.
And I walked for the Light & Sound Show in Auditorium beside Jayanti Sarobar at 6.30Pm. Ticket @ 35?. Not Sure.I must say the show is awesome (Just Like in front of our Victoria Memorial).

At 7.30Pm the show comes to end. When I leave the area, It was fully no man’s land. So gaya yeh jaha, so gaya asmah.I Call to surojit how to go his home. He guide me to don’t catch auto in front of Park. This have to book @ 80-100. Its better to walk for 5 minutes to Tata Excellency Centre (A Pyramid inside) & catch auto there @ 10. At 8.00 pm I came his home. In the mean time, his 2 Friends (Pradip da & Tobo) joined us. End of todays Travel Report. Kyun ki Abhi to Party suru huyi he.

aviramkar Mar 19th, 2015 19:33

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11th January 2015 (Sunday)

For Late Night Party, we wake up at 9am. Became Fresh & done Breakfast there. Last Night Suro calls his College Sant Prakash who arrived in House with his Mahindra Bolero. Our Journey Starts at 10 Am. 1st We go to Famous Dimna Lake via Rail Station & Man go More (Not Mango).

If you start from Chandil Bazar More to Dimna Lake. First you have to go Man go More. From Here you booked auto/car to Dimna Lake @200.

Chandil is basically a water preserver of Tatanagar. It’s too small than Dimna. But gathering of people too much here. As the day is Sunday & it’s really close to Tatanagar City. Anybody can spend their whole day here. After spent some good time & photo shoot we start for Ghatsila. We came again Man go More & straight through NH-33 to Galudih/Ghatsila. We take a halt at Roadside dhaba for purchasing some cigarette & Whisky & Fly towards Ghatsila. The condition of NH-33 is very pathetic, its looks like a local road. We face the jam in Rakha Mines (Work-in-Progress, today’s pain tomorrow’s gain)[cry]. Just Before Ghatsila Crossing we had a Lunch Chiken Thali @ 80 Veg Thali @ 60 & proceed to Burudi Lake.

A Local road turns left from Ghatsila More (Right One for Ghatsila Station- 2 km). This is a horrible road, full of dust & stone. We & our car both become drunk & jumping We don’t know the way to Burudi Lake , so after guidance some local people , we reach Burudi Lake. Total Time spent 30 Minute from Ghatsila More. We not stopped there, our plan is go to Dharagiri Falls first & bath there. On way we saw some local children ready to guide the route for Rs.10. We picked one of them in car. After sometime we reached in Parking Lot. Dharagiri Falls in 1 km walk from here. The Local boy guide us & After some ups & downs of Rock hills, we reached our destination Dharagiri Falls. I must say this small trek is marvelous. Actually we planned for bath there, but the water is not suitable for bath [cry][whoa]. For spent some time we try to climb rock & realize that “Insan pehle Bandar tha”. Bahoot upar aa gaye. After 30 Minutes we return to Burudi Lake. It was a great place but not well maintained. We Bath in cold water & become hot with whisky.:cool:

Now start for Galudih Barraige. We passes Ghatsila area & reached Galudih. There was a local road at left side on the way to Galudih Railway Station. After 10 Minutes we are on Galudih Dam. The Condition of Subarnarekha River beside Galudih Dam is pathetic. I don’t understand Is this the same River I saw in chandil. I understand how the Industry destroy the nature slowly. :ranting::censored:

Next destination it Rankini Mandir Jadugora. The road condition in this way is marvelous (Due to industry belt). On way we see the UCIL colony. From their road divided in two ways A. to Hata (Rankini Mandir) B. to Sundargar ( towards Tatanagar). We take a the Left one. After 10 minutes journey we reached the Rankini Mandir, just beside the main Road. It’s already 6 pm, so we does not spend so more time there & try to reach Tatanagar at earliest. On the way of sundargar, we see the Narwa Picnic spot, Narwa Uranium’s Mines but it’s already dark . In sundargar crossing we met Tata-Chaibasa Road. At Last Reach Sonari at 8.30m. Get fresh. Aur Party to banti hay.

12th January 2015 (Monday)

I am a late riser as always. But today I have to catch the 12814 Steel Express form Tatanagar at 6am. So wake up at 4am & catch a auto from sonari to Station @ 20. There are many people who catch the train regularly. Train start in time & I start sleeping. When my eye open, its Dasnagar. So I go bathroom & get fresh as I have to joined my work today. At 10.20 am reached Howrah.

aviramkar Mar 19th, 2015 19:35

10 Attachment(s)
There are some Pictures of My Trip

aviramkar Mar 19th, 2015 19:37

10 Attachment(s)
More Pics

arupratan ghosh Mar 20th, 2015 10:27

You had a nice trip, aviram ! Nice description & photos .. Enjoyed :)

aviramkar Mar 21st, 2015 14:48

Thanks. I'm grateful for your comments and kind words .

kol2012 Mar 24th, 2015 22:18

Excellent .

aviramkar Mar 30th, 2015 13:58

@ Kol2012

Thanks for Apriciation.

NOKIA1812 Mar 30th, 2015 18:47

You can keep the parrot photograph for posterity----------Excellent

Soumya Chattopadhyay Oct 10th, 2015 12:04

East Singbhum

Soumya Chattopadhyay Oct 10th, 2015 12:05

How to post images here ?? earlier I did.. but something has changed here.

Soumya Chattopadhyay Oct 10th, 2015 12:15

I had recently visited the East Singbhum, mainly covered GhatShila, Galudih and Jamshedpur ...!! I would like to post photographs here and seems to be need your advice. Would be grateful if anyone can guide.

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