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Share Taxi Rates from Jammu to Srinagar

In a Force/Tempo Traveller the rate is INR 350.
A Tata Sumo charges INR 450 per seat from Jammu to Srinagar.. be sure to book the best seats in the front or middle rows. The ones at the back are cramped and uncomfortable.

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Thanks dear.. can you tell me this rates are for 2010
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they vary depending upon the rush of passengers but mostly is between 350-500
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The last time I went to Kashmir, if memory serves right, a hired taxi cost me (and the gang) around 4500. What's the rate for hiring (not shared) a taxi from Jammu to Srinagar now? I'll be traveling with a friend.
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Hi All,

I am planning to visit Kashmir and will be reaching to jammu by train. Now i need to know that what is rent of the cab for travelling only from jammu to srinagar.

thanks in advance.
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I am planning a Kashmir trip in April with a group of 13.I am thinking to hire a tempo traveller from jammu for 5 days, i have contacted a travel agent & he have offered me a rate of Rs 2700 per day. I want to know is it ok.So please help.
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Hi Rohit
Can you let me know the travel agent's name and telephone no. I contacted a Mr Mangal (details in another post) and he's quoting Rs 3500 per day for a Winger/Tempo Traveller in May.

Thank you

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