Need info re good dr &/or hospital in Jaipur now, please

#1 Jan 13th, 2016, 08:35
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We're touring in Rajasthan. I'm having bad cough that I fear could be moving from throat to chest. My friend (Indian) has flu-like symptoms (fever, weakness, aches). I think we're centrally located in Jaipur (we're at Madhav Guest House). Do you know of decent Dr's/hospitals nearby? There's one around the corner but we're waiting for hotel owner to get here later to ask.
#2 Jan 13th, 2016, 09:43
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Hi Ashgirl

I don't have anything specific... Just a couple of tips.

Your best bet is to ask your hotel manager for a recommendation.

If not then there is an Apollo Clinic in Jaipur. Apollo is a national chain of expensive but usually very good quality hospitals and clinics.

There may be Indian Mikers in Jaipur with better information.

Get well soon
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Vaibhav is our Jaipur resident and expert. Hopefully he will be along shorty.
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Sorry to hear about your health. Falling ill on vacation is the worst thing. I looked up madhav GH and you appear to be near the collectorate area in Bani Park. Now, the thing about hospitals you must know is that the actual doctor you meet is going to be a hit / miss affair. So, the bigger (more reputed hospitals) should be OK. I also say this as your symptoms are too generic - I had the same on Monday but am better now. I used Ayurveda though.

You may want to visit either of the following hospitals depending on your convenience if you need longer term care (i.e. we have experience of both hospitals)
1. Fortis - Malviya Nagar - private, expensive but usually good.
2. Santokba Durlabhji, near Birla Mandir. It's usually the best compromise between money and quality of care.

If you only need immediate assistance, please go by your GH owners recommendation. It will work out most optimally.
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Thanks. The hotel staff (very awesome, by the way) went and got a "token" for us at a decent dr just one street away. We're now back at the hotel and on antibiotics, fever reducers and strong cough medicine. Now off to let the codeine kick in and catch up on some sleep.

Take care
#6 Jan 13th, 2016, 14:15
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Get well soon
Life gets aadhar every day.

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