Is Jaipur the best place to buy Gemstones?

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Hello friends,

I am trying to figure out where in the world it is best to buy gemstones (semi-precious) I ve heard a lot about Jaipur.

Do they have a huge variety on gemstones in Jaipur? (or just the ones mainly mined in India?)

Does somebody know a trader who sells fair-traded gemstones? (mine-workers get enough money, no child labor etc.)

I am founding a company which will produce jewelry made of gemstones and crystals. But my goal is to find gemstones that a fairly traded. Also we are searching for someone over there who can produce our jewelry. Best would be a NGO or if I can support a family with this production. (since it will not be too big.)

Is there someone our there who can help me. I am thinking to travel by the end of march to India or Sri Lanka to visit the gem-markets and mines. If I go to India I d need help with a guide.

I would appriciate so much if there is somebody who could help me with my issues.

Best, Adina
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Hello Adina,

If you're looking to source Gem from the worlds best places then 'India' is certainly not in them, from what I know, India was once famous for mining Gemstones but now most of them are depleted except for some in the state of Andhra Pradesh (Not sure about whether or not a 'Good amount' of semi-precious Gems are still extracted from mines in Jaipur, but yes there are quite some Resellers and wholesale dealers of Gemstones in Jaipur). But again, all is not lost, you may certainly find what you're looking for in India, but it will need a good hunt also the prices at which they sell are probably among the lowest in the world.

I've a friend in Delhi who's trying to set up a small organization mainly for the benefit of the poor communities there which involves producing 'Hand crafted & Hand woven items' and one of her key ingredient are Pearls and Gemstones, currently she is working at a fairly low scale but want to expand ofcourse and She just might be the person you need to know, to get your queries solved from.

If you interested, I can put you through her she also happens to speak German too, not fluently but does a pretty well job

Contact me here atravelkind @

(Intentional <spaces> added to hide myself from those pesky scammers)

Best Regds
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1. No semi-precious stones are mined in and around Jaipur (except zodolite and garnate). Infact very few semi precious stones are mined in India. Some stones are mined in the southern part of India.

2. But Jaipur is famous for its semi precious stones (coloured gem stones) because they are mostly polished here and from raw stones made to look like what you see in jewelery.

3. I can safely say that Jaipur is the biggest center in the whole world for quality cutting and polishing of gem stones. 90% gem stones ready to use have been made in Jaipur

4. So yeah you do get lots of variety here.

5. About the prices I have no idea if Jaipur is cheaper of if Delhi is. But I feel Jaipur might be a bit cheaper if you buy wholesale

Hope this helps

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Thx alot for your answer. I ll contcat you via your email.


Thanks alot for your answer. Do you live in Jaipur? Do you know any ethically trading wholesaler/retailer? Do people care about uch issues in Jaipur?


Am still not sure of India is the best choice for me since we are looking for ethically mined gemstones. But am searchng since a while and it seems not easy to figure out good places for ethically/fairly traded gemstones.

Somebody know about Sri Lanka and their mining? They also seem to have a variety in semi precious stones and seem to import the ones they don't have. But am not sure about the prices. Does somebiody have an idea compared to india?

Again thanks alot. Adina
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HI Jabuticaba jaipur is the center in the world for gem stones.there are not mines of gems in jaipur but i want to tell you one thing that raw gems were born in mines in foreign countries like africa america zambia canada after getting out of the mines 90% of the gems were import to jaipur for making that gems in desired shape & polishing it then it will send to foreign countries to sold out. so if you want the raw pieces of gem stones do jaipur is not a good choice but if you think the complete polish gem stones so the jaipur is the best choice none other country will have the cheap & variable gems like jaipur have & in very cheap prices & also in your shape that you wanted to be your stone look like. thanks

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