wary of monsoons
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wary of monsoons

hey, what's up. good to be on the board, good to find such a helpful site. i'm planning on going for a couple months, from mid-august to mid-october. i really want to spend most of my time in the south, but i'm wondering if i'm just asking for too many hassles, being that it's the heart of the monsoon season. as of now i'm going alone, and i'm not the world's most rugged traveler, even though i've done some solo backpacking before and loved it. is the whole monsoon thing gonna drive me crazy?! any thoughts, feedback would be much appreciated. thanks a lot

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Northeast (fall/winter) monsoon can be rather severe, though you'll miss the worst of it. Tamil Nadu gets most of its rainfall in October, though this is only an historical tidbit. I have been there in October and not seen a drop.

Really, there is no way to know how much rain you will face or if it will inconvenience you. If it starts to become a problem, you can always head north or west. Remember that the northeast monsoon slides down the east coast and pummels Tamil Nadu. Kerala on the west coast is less affected (though gets some rain).

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