Travelling in Delhi (Agra)
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Travelling in Delhi (Agra)

I've heard from friends (native Indians) that Agra in general is an armpit and isn't worth staying in. If we go, we're going for the Taj Mahal and that's it.

Do you think it's worth it to do the Taj Mahal as a single day trip?

I had been planning on giving Agra a max of two days of our itenerary to visit the Taj Mahal a couple of times and then make our way to Udaipur from there.

Do one whole day to see the Taj, and a night to rest up and move on. It would be exhausting to try to do it, then move in the same day if that's what you are thinking. Agra was an armpit and our hotel there was the most heavily fortified by armed guards and barbed wire of any that we stayed in, if that tells you anything.

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Do you think it's worth it to do the Taj Mahal as a single day trip?

Rahul, welcome to IndiaMike forum :)

Yes the Taj Mahal in Agra can be done as a day trip from Delhi but that would be too hectic in my opinion as I feel that if a place is worth visiting then it deserves at least one day of stay.

While in Agra I will recommend that you also spend a few hours visiting the nearby and very historic Agra Fort where Emperor Shah Jahan the builder of the Taj Mahal was imprisoned by his son Aurangzeb and spent the last part of his life.
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I would second that. Plenty of tour operators who offer day trips Delhi->Agra, but I do think it would be hectic. 

Definitely check out the fort while you’re there.

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You can consider staying in Bharatpur if you are planning to visit between October - February.
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I have to agree with everybody. If I were to tour Taj Mahal and the nearby tourist destination I wonder if a day is enough to visit every place.

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