New here and heading to India
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New here and heading to India

Hi all.

I have a trip planned to India at the end of March 2007 w/ gf and best friend. I am going to ask NO questions until I give this place a good searching.

The trip in brief:
-Flying into DEL (20:00hrs) March 24th flying out at 10:00hrs next day to IXB (need to learn more about airport over-night).
-IXB to Darjeeling via ???? (toy train, jeep)? Meeting my friend in IXB, travel together with gf from there.
- Darjeeling area for several days, need to find a trek or something to do (March 25/26-29).
-Friend's father's HS reunion in Darjeeling so lots of connections there. We leave as a group from there to Bhutan for a week March 30 (lots of connection there too).
-Then back to IXB to fly back to DEL.

Anyhow, see ya all around (not that I will have much to add until I return).

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| Loud Noisy Bird
Welcome to :D

It's nice that you realise how much stuff there is here without jumping to the questions ;).

But feel free to ask anyway! And we are always happy to get in-progress and after-trip reports :D
Life gets aadhar every day.

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