Is $1000 enough?
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Is $1000 enough?

Is $1000 Canadian enough to travel India or 1 month, Thailand for 2 weeks and Nepal for 2 weeks?

Plane tickets are already taken care of.


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That would be one thin, one very thin, shoestring . . . I want to say "Yes" . . . really badly, because it is possible . . . but "No" is blocking the way . . .

In short, that would be reeeeeeeeeeeally tight
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I wonder if $1500 for 1 month in India and 1 week in Nepal and 1 week in Goa would give me some decent breathing room.
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Start with $1500 Canadian: Do 1 month India excluding Goa, and 1 week in Goa. You may have a little bit left over. Then, recompute to determine how much additional amount is needed to do Thailand/Nepal.

India is hard to compute due to high inflation!
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I've seen your itinerary in other threads and you're going to mostly big cities, so it will be tough going to do just India for one month with $1000. In the more rural areas you can get by for about 1/3 of what you'll spend in the cities. For example, 3 nights/4 days in Hampi with scooter rental, a few beers, food and admissions cost me Rs 2000, which is about the same cost as a day in Mumbai.

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