Hello My Dear fellow Travelers
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Hello My Dear fellow Travelers

Hello Guys,
This is Pavan Kumar Aryasomayajulu. Basically i am from Vishakaptnam .
I love to travel a lot and during my leisure time at home , i spend most of the time on google earth searching for places and routes.
I covered many places in India and my fav destinations as of now are North Sikkim (Infact if i get a chance i want to spend my rest of life there it self),Rohathag Pass, Dhanuskodi, Kerala, Utharanchal,Shimla, Ooty.
Yet to cover North East states ,Gujarat , J&K, Rajasthan.
Also i like to drive and its my dream to travel from Manali to Leh by road.
So i hope that i'll find good friends here.


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Welcome to the forums.

Driving on the Manali-Leh road sounds like it would be fun. I was trying to save time and took an overnight winger which wasn't the best idea given how cold it was.

Pick a state you are interested in and browse through the threads in that forum for inspiration/information. You can create a new post to ask questions and receive guidance.

When you are done with your trip, give back to the community by posting a trip report or helping answer other's questions that you might be familiar with.
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Welcome to IndiaMike, Pavan! :)
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Welcome Pavan!

Do post pics of your travels here.

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