Advice for first trip to Varanasi - Rajasthan - Amritsar - McLeod Ganj
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Advice for first trip to Varanasi - Rajasthan - Amritsar - McLeod Ganj

Hi everyone,

I am going to be spending just over 3 weeks in India from 10th April to 3rd May and would appreciate any feedback on my rough itinerary – any suggestions on skipping/adding certain places, spending longer in others, etc… or just reassurance that it’s an OK plan!

Day 1 – Arrive Delhi, fly to Varanasi (have already booked this)
Day 2 – Varanasi
Day 3 – Varanasi
Day 4 – Varanasi, overnight train to Agra
Day 5 – Agra, visit Taj Mahal
Day 6 – Train to Jaipur
Day 7 – Jaipur, Amber Fort, markets etc
Day 8 – Train to Udaipur
Day 9 – Udaipur
Day 10 – Ranakpur
Day 11 – Jodhpur
Day 12 – Jodhpur, overnight train to Delhi
Day 13 – Delhi
Day 14 – Train to Amritsar
Day 15 – Amritsar
Day 16 – Bus/train to Dharamsala/McLeod Ganj
Day 17 – McLeod Ganj
Day 18 – McLeod Ganj
Day 19 – McLeod Ganj
Day 20 – Rishikesh/Haridwar – can I get train/bus from Shimla?
Day 21 – Rishikesh
Day 22 – Rishikesh, train Haridwar to Delhi
Day 23 – Delhi – fly home

Just as a bit of background, I am a woman travelling on my own and this will be my first trip to India. I’m hoping to have a nice balance between cities and smaller chilled out places and would of course like to see as much as possible, but also allow myself time to relax and just take in India without constantly running around (so wouldn’t want my plan to much busier). I had originally planned to go to Pushkar but then decided maybe I should skip it so I can see more places, however am still deliberating over that – is it worth visiting instead of Rishikesh, for example?

Thanks for any help you can offer!

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Nice looking trip, Colibri. Having spent time, in many places - much time, in many of the places you're visiting, it made it all come back to me.
I had unique experiences in both Rishikesh and Pushkar, both personally unique, so to make a call between the two is difficult, and of course now, because of that, it's hard to be objective. But if I had planned three days at one place or the other, I'd probably go to Rishikesh.
All in all, the rest of your trip seems nicely balanced; I think you'll get the balance you're looking for. Have a Great Trip.
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OK thanks so much Darmabum, I'm feeling even happier with my plan already. Also glad to bring back what I'm sure are beautiful memories of these amazing places - and can't wait to have some of my own!
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The following would save you a day and a half.

Agra, then an overnight train to.....
Jaipur, then an overnight train to Amritsar (not a daily train, 2 days of the week it's really well timed)
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Train service BTW Agra to Jaipur is not good , better take BUS or CAR to save time. Also now Agra-Bharatpur-Jaipur NEW road is very good. Fatehpur Shikri is there on the way to Agra-Bharatpur. You will get AC bus ( Silver Line , White Line ) for Agra to Jaipur. Book your ticket in advance because there are few AC bus run BTW Agra - Jaipur. STRICTLY AVOID PRIVATE BUS BTW Agra and Jaipur.

Pathankot is nearest Rail station to Dharamsala.
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Thanks so much for all your advice!
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Yes, it definately looks a great trip! You say can i get a bus from mean from shimla to mcleodganj? Yes you can. Well, to dharamsala at least which is the same thing (you can change there to take a short busride up the hill to Mcleod).

I can't remember how long it is but you can probably expect a good old journey. Don't let me put you off though as i think that a long busride through these regions is an experience in itself!

Have a fantastic time...K cool:

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