What the video of bikers trapped between two tigers says about man-animal conflict

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Imagine if, riding on your bike, you took a blind turn, and came face to face with a tiger. In a few seconds, another one joins in, stationing itself behind your bike. This is precisely what happened in a nerve-wracking video that has recently gone viral, shot somewhere in Maharashtra.

The video has been recorded by a group of people in a car, who were purportedly in the area to watch tigers. The bike, with two riders, descends on the scene suddenly. The bikers though show great presence of mind, by stopping the bike and staying completely still. One of the tigers comes closer, inspects them, and walks off. All the while, the people in the car frantically discuss what to do, but decide to stay still as noise or movement could startle the tigers into attacking.

The video is another example of what experts often state - that big cats do not attack unless provoked, or hungry. In India, the man-animal conflict has been a recurring issue. According to environment ministry data, at least one human died every day over the past three years due to conflict with elephants and tigers.

In Maharashtra, where protected forests are surrounded by villages and big cats use cropland for moving from one reserve to another, 2017 was a bad year for both tigers and humans. In the first five months of 2017, 16 people were killed by tigers in the state. By the end of the year, 21 big cats had died, the highest in a decade for Maharashtra.

A Hindustan Times report quoted Tito Joseph, programme coordinator, Wildlife Protection Society of India (WPSI), as saying: “Deaths due to poaching and body-parts seizures is a major concern, with a large number of cases reported from Maharashtra.”
Daily O

A long clip of the same incident.

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The video is another example of what experts often state - that big cats do not attack unless provoked, or hungry
Not even when hungry, the attack is only in rare instances most of which are created by us.

If this message goes across, well and good, but that is not possible to happen with stupid humans.
If you find my posts confrontationist, please bear, I am an old frustrated guy who has nothing better to do than sit on rocking chair and curse the world whole day

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