Trip report- Velavader National Park

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It often happens that one tends to ignore what one has in one's backyard. In Hindi, there is a saying, "Ghar ki murgi, daal barabar" meaning that the value of a chicken ( as far as eating it is concerned) is akin to that of a humble pulse (grain legume), if the chicken is bred in-house. Having spent a majority of my life in Gujarat, i had yet to see some of the sights and parks- an issue which i decided to address.
Accordingly, i asked one of my friends if he would be interested in visiting Velavader National Park and on his confirmation, we decided to drive down to VNP on 7th January morning.
On the 6th evening, while having dinner with some students and faculty of IIT, Gandhinagar; i mentioned about the trip and that we could take two students with us, an offer immediately accepted by Prashant and Vijay-both final year students and amateur photographers.
On the 7th morning, after a hearty breakfast we left for VNP. The route was as follows:

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There are two stay options at Velavader. One is a forest guest house just inside the park called Kaliyar Bhavan Forest Guest House and second is a private resort called The Blackbuck Lodge. There is really no comparison between the two-one a government run, low price, functional and limited food choice and the other a high price private resort. We decided to try the forest guest house. The rooms here cost Rs 1000/- (US$16) per night for a non A/c room with food extra. Food is also very cheap with the cost of 4 dinners, 4 breakfasts and 8 cups of tea/coffee coming to just Rs 992/- (US$15). As i said the food is vegetarian, local cuisine, limited choices-passable.
Here is a picture of it:

Name:  MR2_6244.jpg
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We reached the place at around noon, having stopped on the way to sample the local agriculture produce such as Guavas, green roasted channa (chickpeas) and Ber (Ziziphus mauritiana). It was just inside the park a short distance from the gates and we could see the savannah:
Name:  MR2_6250.jpg
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We checked in and enquired about lunch. Sorry, we were not told that you needed lunch and hence none prepared. Oh well! We drove a short distance to the main road and had an excellent Dhaba (roadside stall) lunch.
Upon our return, we met Mr. Waghela, a conservator of forests, (officer) who explained about the park, its history and the animals resident there. he then took us to a dormitory where some 40 odd school children were housed. these children had come for a two day trip to understand the park, its residents and the need to conserve the environment.
We were quite impressed by the yeomen work the Forest office was doing to protect the environment.
We took a picture of the students who posed with their Master (MK Patel) and Mr Waghela. i took the email ID of the School Master, but the mail is bouncing back . I hope one of the students will see this and down load it for the group)

Name:  MR2_5231.jpg
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There is an interaction centre where the environment is explained by a series of painted pictures and data.
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We went out and i saw a couple of rose ringed parakeet:
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There were some larks in the grass. One cannot immediately see them- they are so well camouflaged- its only when then are up as a group that you notice them:
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We went back to our rooms and it was time for our evening safari. After paying the permit charges and camera charges ( i unknowingly paid for three cameras mine and the two students - whereas amateur camera is free) we were assigned a young man, possibly in his early 20's as our guide. The only downfall here is that you need to drive in your own vehicle. This is a double problem since my SUV was closed from all sides and i had to drive it myself! (to be continued)
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Good start. Velavadar is an awesome place been there 2-3 times. Looks like the room rates have been increased to Rs. 1000/- from Rs. 500/- (In Dec 2014) for Non Ac rooms.

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Indeed a nice place. We drove through (the park as well) but didnt stay overnight. Saw an amazing number of blackbucks and birds.

Ronak - interesting that you were there in Dec '14. Same time as we were.
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The park is about 35 sq. kms divided into two parts. There are some natural water bodies as well as artificial ones created by the forest department. At least the water bodies made here were slightly better than those at Gir or Bhandhavgarh which were brick and cement structures, designed like a horse trough, and painted white! These were mud structures, bigger, much bigger but shaped square or rectangle.
The best viewing season for the birds is just when the park opens after the monsoon break ie: 15th Oct - the water is still there on the ground and breeding is in full force. This year, the monsoon was pretty poor and secondly the winter was not harsh- in fact during the day time it was warm, not uncomfortable warm, but warm- and hence the birds were fewer. Just our luck!
Still, black buck were there in plenty and neel gai too.
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Interesting report, Earthian, with great pics. I love the photo of the camouflaged parakeets.

It is true that we travel to far-flung places and neglect our own backyard. Tagore wrote a poem about it...

ďI travelled miles, for many a year,

Spent a lot in lands afar,

Iíve gone to see the mountains, the oceans Iíve been to view.

But I havenít seen with these eyes

What two steps from my home lies

On a sheaf of paddy grain, a glistening drop of dew.Ē

This English version c/o
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Nice Photos..
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That is so beautiful and apt.
Thank you for sharing
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I had wanted to get better shots of the painted storks and some one told us that they probably would be in the village pond. After we finished our evening safari, there was still some light and we dashed to the village nearby.
Alas! there was a solitary stork standing in the water, and no sign of that big group.

Name:  painted stork -1.jpg
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We saw this girl intent on her kite flying
Name:  girl flying a kite-1.jpg
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We had parked the car in front of the house of one Popatbhai who asked us if we would like to have tea. Life has taught me never to look a gift horse in the mouth and even before he had finished his question , i answered "yes".
So we had some kadak-meeti chai (strong and sugary)

Name:  popatbhai-1.jpg
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Popatbhai's daughter was aspiring to be a model:

Name:  small girl-1.jpg
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The sun was setting and it made a picturesque sight:
Name:  sunset1-1.jpg
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At that time a loaded truck came and we got this nice picture:

Name:  loaded malgadi-1.jpg
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We had a typical Kathiyawadi dinner- Rotla, Mashed roasted Aubergines, khichidi and khadi and retired.
We got up at 5 am the next morning and went for a walk. It was still very dark and only a sliver of the moon was visible- we walked on the road outside the park- weather was invigorating and cool. A cup of tea upon our return and we were ready for our morning safari at 7 am sharp.
Driving and photography can be combined if you have empty seats where you can park your gear and use the passenger window as a rest to take photographs with the long lens. However, we were five of us in the car-stuffed to the gills and it was quite frustrating to take photos with the long lens. I could take some BIF photos :
Name:  MR2_5417-2.jpg
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Name:  MR2_5418.jpg
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In the morning, we could sight a lot of the blackbucks and nilgais. We saw one nilgai racing after another with its tail up. Tail up signals intent to fight- the intruder had encroached upon this alpha's territory.
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MR2_5498.jpg MR2_5549.jpg MR2_5571-2.jpg MR2_5612-2.jpg 
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Velavader is the only National park in India, exclusively established for the conservation of Blackbucks. The grassland ecosystem acts as nesting site for local migratory lesser floricans and roosting site for migratory harriers- said to the largest communal roosting site of harriers in the world.
There are a lot of birds here: harriers, kestrels, kites, eagles, buzzards, vultures:

Name:  MR2_5622.jpg
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Name:  MR2_5977.jpg
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Drongoes are in plenty- i have never seen so many of them:

Name:  MR2_5406.jpg
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We crossed over to the other side and the first thing that we saw was this turtle:
Name:  MR2_6120.jpg
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It was quite far from the nearest water body and i was concerned that it would die of thirst. I asked the guide whether we should pick it up and place it near the water body or alert the forest office? The boy, wise beyond his years, said that we should allow nature to chart its own course and that the turtle would find water by the end of the night.
We came upon this lovely brown shrike-i hope i am right in my identification- and it was soon joined by its mate?
Name:  MR2_6122.jpg
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Name:  MR2_6132-2.jpg
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Don't look now, hubby dear, but i think that nasty man is trying to photograph me:
Name:  MR2_6146.jpg
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Just ignore him dear, they all go away if you do:
Name:  MR2_6161.jpg
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Name:  MR2_6167.jpg
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You got your avatar there itself, it seems!
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Originally Posted by Prakaant View Post You got your avatar there itself, it seems!
No i got that from Gir
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That's a tortoise. Fantastic shot though - they always seem to get inside their shell when I try to take a photo.

..... but where are the dears, deer saar?

ETA: It is a turtle! The claws are so confusing -
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Now is this a collared bush chat?
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And am not able to identify this:
Name:  MR2_6032.jpg
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Name:  MR2_6058-2.jpg
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and a hoopoe
Name:  MR2_6113-3.jpg
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a kestrel again, i think
Name:  MR2_6202.jpg
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