Sariska National Park?

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Hey! I've done a search on Sariska but nothing much comes up. Has anyone been? How was it? The tour I'm embarking on was supposed to include Ranthambore but because I'm travelling in July it is closed and Sariska is the alternative. Just wondered what peoples views on it are and if it's worth visiting? Thanks! :-)
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I had a great time in Sariska, mercedes. Not spectacular scenery and didn't see tigers, but saw a tiger kill (a nilgai) covered with vultures and jackals, and lots of wildlife, and had one of the best nature guides in all of India. If I can find his name I'll post it, but he would be in his early 30s, bearded, slightly chubby, light complexion, very good English, with a passion for photography. He takes you in a jeep with a driver and it's worth it.
The Rajasthan tourism "palace" nearby is a quiet, run down old place (an old palace that has not been kept up) with a nice lake nearby and good views, although the service was typically indolent (three years ago). Not expensive, but hard to get to without a driver. Another fancier private palace nearby was a great place to have a snack, but there were female gardeners that solicited for sex from behind bushwes they were trimming. It was somewhat amusing but not a particularly pleasant scene and rather shameful for a fancy establishment.
I don't know about July, though.
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I, personally had a lousy time in Sariska...not that a Park is good only if you see a tiger...but tons of humans and cattle in a park is not a pretty sight,not to mention the roadways bus that trundles through!!!
Why don't you opt for Corbett National Park instead....I have been there recently and I absolutely loved it! Haven't stopped reccommending the place to all who love the jungles..elephants,tigers...if you're lucky...def. worth the money!
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I'm also planning to go to Sariska in July. Does anyone else have an opinion on whether this is a good idea? Is it nice to be there even if you don't see animals? Can we just go for walks, or do we have to go around by car?
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help online

this should answer all queries for parks!
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Someone had once requested me to write in detail about Sariska. I am putting that here. This is an answer to questions he had asked.

Sariska lies on the Jaipur-Alwar bus route.If you are coming from Jaipur, take the Alwar bus. Sariska is 35 kms before Alwar. If you come from Alwar, take the Jaipur bus.

Sariska is an average sanctuary in the sense that - There is only a specific track in which they take you and get you back and the animal sightings are predictable. Totally the time taken will be 3 to 4 hours. The cost for this by Jeep is around 700Rs. Plus some 50 Rs per person or some such thing.

Vegetation is sparse. Its a dry decidous forest. I prefer the green and dense Jim Corbett looks more, but I like this also.

You will only see the following animals and nothing else :
1) Deer - spotted deer, Neel ghai, Sambhar
2) Peacocks, and lots and lots of them.
3) Langur, again lots of them.
4) Jackal.
5) A couple of crocodiles that have been put in a small lake.

I saw a porcupine once .
I think you may never spot a leopard inside the forest, though they do exist.

There weren't a lot of birds for the untrained eye, but I have seen more in other parks.

You certainly can't wander around the jungle on your own. Only the specific routes are allowed.

The guides you get there are ok. They know the standard stuff you can see there but not as knowledgeable as say Jim Corbett guides. I once had a guide called Seetharam who was very enthusiastic and helpful. I haven't seen him since.

There is only one place to stay in Sariska, the tiger den. Its an ok place, again but not too cheap. The rooms are decent. You should get a decent single one for around 300Rs. I never stay here because, their food is expensive. You can only have a buffet and that is 275Rs per head . The service is average again. However, staying there and even walking on the highway near it at night is a very enjoyable experience. Alwar is a city. If you can rent a Jeep for 2 days it may be more expensive, though I have never tried. However, I have often wondered about renting a bicycle from Alwar. The road from Alwar to Sariska is around 35kms though.

More than the forest, I find the periphary villages more interesting. I have never spent the night near a water hole or a machan (A treehouse). All my trips to Sariska are unplanned. I do know it is possible to stay in a machan. You should contact the tiger den guys or the park officials.
The park office is just near the Sariska bus stop. The hotel tiger den is a little walk in. If you get down the bus at night to get to tiger den, you will feel lost and lose your bearings for a while. But you will find the sign board. Carry a torch light - an absolute must.
There is a beautiful palace there. You can stay there if you are filthy rich. The entry fee is 500Rs, to be adjusted with food/boarding. I have never been into this. It looks nice from the outside.

On Saturdays and Tuesdays the park is free for the public, as there is a temple at Pandupool and everyone gets a free entry for it on these days. It can be very crowded on these days. Personally, it doesn't bother me much. A more popular park will always have so much crowd.

The guides will ask you, if you want to go the temple or skip it. I think you should go atleast once. Its nothing great, but its a charming little place, a villager selling samosas and lots of tree pies waiting to peck the samosas out of your hand. The small temple is also not bad.

There is also a fort inside the forest, Kankawati fort. You can ask your guide to take you there.

When you are through with the forest, you should try the silisir lake, which lies between Sariska and Alwar. Around 10 kms before Alwar, you take a left for Silisir lake. The lake is big and now (six months back) brimming with water. You may go there to laze around. There is a nice palace by the side of the lake. It is now a hotel, badly maintained and local villagers flock here, finding it fun to sit on the palace terrace and drink pepsi, but the lake is not so crowded . The palace is closed for public in the evening and it may be a good place stay at night - rooms with giant balconies facing the big lake.

Food is a problem in Sariska. I stay at one specific place, which I am not going tell anybody now. I don't know of any good dhabas there. You will have lots of time in the afternoon to explore villages nearby. lots of small dhabas to try lunch. Tiger Den with its 275Rs is the only reliable option for good food.

The major costs ,I have mentioned above.You don't need to tip the guide. 100Rs is a very very good tip, if you are happy.

The park opens at 7:00 AM. The evening safari starts at 3:PM. You can take your own car and save money but no fun. If you stay for a couple of days, try to get a bicycle or motorcycle from Alwar. It may not be easy.
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Kankawati fort.

A really good work, indeed. Thanks.

just one more question. As I 'm not interested on crowded situations do you think it could be possible to visit the Kankawati fort without overnight in Sariska ? I would prefer to stay in Alwar and make a daily trip. Thank
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A massive search for tigers in the Sariska National Park this year failed to find fir

I found this 2005 news article about poaching at Sariska national park on the BBC website and thought it would be of interest:

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Sariska ??????????

Hi All

Oh we were pretty dissapointed with Sariska....very very crowded! There's a temple inside and much of the traffic heads there... some just out for a joyride, singing in the open topped jeeps, and worst of all speeding without any regard to the animals.

We were so horrified when one such party ran over a monkey right in front of us: member of a family we were observing and taking pictures of.... there was ample time for the jeep to see the monkeys on the road and slow down, No they just plowed along and never hesitated even when the wheel bumped over his body and simply went on their way ........we were so angry and upset Even before the dust settled, other monkeys rushed to the injured one and nudged and helped him along into the bush
Ranthambore was a bit of a nightmare with the Canters as well, very very crowded.... they hurl along, so much of the atmosphere is lost... althout it's a nice area.

Ofcourse game viweing here in India is a far cry from anywhere in Africa, your best bet would be Corbett, Khanha and Bhandarvga (spelling?) ........ there is also a small park called Rajaji near Haridwar where yo can see elephants...

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