Questions about online accommodation booking process at Corbett

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Hello Sir,

I am trying to book online accommodation at Dhikala and have few questions if you can kindly help. These questions are based on my own research and from the information I have got from other threads in this forum -

1. User Id - In another thread a member mentioned, online booking can be done only once on Id in month . Is this correct ? And, Since we have to do separate booking for each day at 10 am due to 45-days period do I have to use different IDs for each traveler for each day ?

For eg , For Day 1 - Driving license of all travelers , Day 2 - Pan Card numbers for all travellers etc as ID proof ? Is it allowed ?

2. Since rooms at Dhikala disappear very fast , I want to try only for Gairal FRH and Bijrani FRH. Does both of them have Separate Canteen Facilities ?

3. Do we have to pay only after Booking is confirmed ? Or first we have to pay and then we get confirmation or Waiting-list like IRCTC

4. How far is one zone from other in case we get accommodation in different zones for different days

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Questions about online accommodation booking process at Corbett

1. Same ID can be used for multiple booking.
2. Yes
3.No waitlist. Only confirm booking.
4. Not far
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