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kapilankar Oct 16th, 2017 14:18

Melghat Tiger Reserve
Hello IMers,

I needed some info about Melghat Tiger Reserve (MTR). I'm planning to head to Chikhaldara in the forthcoming weekend and was looking at the prospect of taking a safari there. There's no accommodation available on those dates at the MTR, so will be staying at Chikhaldara.

1: Which gate is optimal for safari? I have three options: Vairat/Chikhaldara gate, Semadoh gate and Kolkas Gate.
2: Is a private vehicle (sedan) allowed for safari? Or do I have to take a gypsy from the gate?
3: Are there any restrictions on the exit for Chikhadara after dark (6:30 pm)?
4: Are there any concerns about accessibility or safety on the Chikhaldara-Semadoh-Kolkas route?

Kapil :)

arupratan ghosh Oct 16th, 2017 14:40

Hi Kapil ,

An IM-er had visited buffer areas of MTR from Chikaldara. They used a private vehicle hired from Chikaldara. So I think Sedan would be allowed , at least for the buffer zones.

Here is the link to it - ( Please check Post No # 21 for the Melghat Part ) :)

kapilankar Oct 16th, 2017 15:02

AG, I went through that post before posting here. The IMer took a ride to Kolkas during day-time. I ma not have that luxury. Hence this thread.

babaijit Oct 16th, 2017 18:08

Hi Kapil,

First of all after dark you can exit from Chikhaldara to Paratwada-Amravati route only via your own vehicle. Public transport stops after dark. Normally the area is safe from any problem but as the road is hilly & through dense forest so there is chance of meeting wild animal like leopard, wild boar etc. But the other road which connect Chikhaldara to Nagpur - Indore Highway through Semadoh remains closed from Dusk to Dawn. In fact the part of Nagpur - Indore Highway which runs through the MTR also remains closed at night or sometimes open by gate systems only.

Normally the safari starts from Semadoh gate. I recommend to do the safari of both Semadoh & Kolkas gate. You can take your own vehicle but Gypsies are also available.

Bye the way where are you staying at Chikhaldara ?

If you need any help please tell me.



kapilankar Oct 17th, 2017 11:27

Thank you Subhajit - especially for the response regarding the gates. Place of stay is not decided yet. I was interested in MTDC by looking at your report, but the website says its not available. I'll check out Utkarsh when I get there.

babaijit Oct 17th, 2017 18:53

When are you going? There are 2 MTDC resorts in Chikhaldara, One is near Forest garden & another is at Mozari point. Generally these are full only at very peak season like Rainy season or Christmas . Also weekends get some more tourist. Rest of the tourists make it a one day tour from the plains. Anyway best of luck for your tour. I will be waiting for a TR from you to revive my wonderful memory of that place once again.



kapilankar Oct 18th, 2017 11:25

I'm leaving tomorrow for Shegaon with parents and will head to Chikhaldara from there on Saturday. I've dropped plans to stay at Chikhaldara altogether. I'll have to return to Pune on Sunday night and I don't really fancy a 10hour drive from Chikhaldara. We will be staying in Shegaon instead and take a day trip to Chikhaldara and Melghat. I'll squeeze in a safari if time permits.

The MTDC site shows NA - which can also mean that online booking is not supported (like a few other MTDC resorts which don't have internet connectivity).

kapilankar Oct 23rd, 2017 12:08

I did a drive from Shegaon to Melghat and Chikhaldara on Sat.

Route taken was Shegaon > (very bad road) > Akot > Popatkheda Gate (MTR) > MTR road connecting Harisal to Akot > Harisal > Kolkaz (lunch) > Semadoh > MTR road connecting Semadoh to Chikhaldara (shortcut) > Chikhaldara Panchbol (Echo) point > Gawilgad, Devi point, Mozari point > Chikhaldara to Paratwada road via Dhamapur > Paratwada > Akot > Shegaon. The MTR forest roads were narrow, winding and poorly maintained, but driveable. The road between Akot and Shegaon is very poor (deep craters interrupted by smooth patches)

MTDC was booked throughout. Quite a number of people had come to Chikhaldara for the Diwali weekend. I did not go for a safari due to time constraint, but the drive on the MTR roads and along the Sipna was wonderful. We sighted a few langoors, a kingfisher and a laughing dove. Safari from the Semadoh gate can be done in private vehicles.

babaijit Oct 23rd, 2017 14:29

Hi Kapil,

Please post some picture if possible.



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