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Kerala wildlife suggestions

I am planning a trip to Kerala next year and was wondering which are the best places to spot and photograph Nilgiri langurs and Lion Tailed Macaques. My plan is to arrive at Cochin and stay in Cochin for around a week. Here I intend to visit the beach, the bird sanctuary and other places of interest. After that I intend to make my way up to Athirappally and spend atleast 3 days there before heading to one of the other national parks either Silent Valley, Parambikulam or Anamalai tiger reserve.

But the Athirappally waterfalls are located within Sholayar forest and i was wanting to know will this place and neighboring Chimmini wildlife sanctuary give me the opportunity to photography Nilgiri Langurs, Lion Tailed Macaques and lots of birds and mammals? The idea is if I can spot these mammals at Sholayar forest then I will spend more time here like around 7 to 8 days doing lots of long nature walks in the forest.

I am more interested in spotting some the rarer animals like Slender Loris, giant squirrels etc. If I spot tigers or leopards then that would be a bonus.

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