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yshintre Mar 6th, 2018 15:14

Entry from which gate is better in Tadoba

i am going to visit tadoba in may 2018.
i booked MTDC resort @ Moharli, and i am planning for 3 safari's. (2 Morning and 1 evening)

i want to know that should i book any safari from Khutwanda gate (for better sighting : as there are less gypsy entry from this gate)

i know that only gate is different but the area for safari from Moharli gate and khutwanda gate is same.
but as less gypsy are enter from that gate, is there better chances for good sighting ? (i am planning to book 2 safari from moharli and 1 from khutwanda)
should i book all 3 safari from moharli gate only ?
please let me know your views.

also, if i want to enter in park among first 2-3 gypsies how early should i stood in queue before safari timing ?


yshintre Mar 12th, 2018 13:05

201 views but no reply :(, seems nobody knows about khutwanda gate sighting index :(

snotty Mar 12th, 2018 13:38

Now that you have got the figures out, I guess I will put in my observation.
Do note that I have been there just once - did 5 safaris!
The gate for entry for 4 of our entries were Moharli and one was a buffer safari.
If you check other threads on Tadoba with similar queries - you would find that where you stay would decide which gate you should be going through. If you are staying in Moharli, I guess all three from that gate would be much better as the travel time to reach Khutwanda is something you may have to take into consideration.
If you want to go early - the best way to confirm is ask your gypsy person - but I will say atleast 45 minutes before the gate opens.
It doesn't make a huge difference - the tigers are moving. We saw a female tiger about 1 hour after entering after tracking her across the reserve and we were the only gypsy to have that view for almost 2-3 minutes - a road walk. No other gypsy despite being in the reserve was at the spot for that view!
So sighting does depend on your timing, guide, gypsy driver and on your luck as well! No one factor can make it happen by itself!

Earthian Mar 12th, 2018 14:01

You can check this thread. It seems that the happening place is the South Tadoba Buffer.
If you had posted your query in the correct thread (the title says it all), you would have got an immediate response from Nitin.

arupratan ghosh Mar 12th, 2018 14:34

And Nitin would possibly say what snotty has already posted :)

yshintre Mar 12th, 2018 15:50

Thanks Everybody :)

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