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phir_milenge Jan 7th, 2018 08:26

Avian Abundance : Purbasthali
The Sun is setting down,splashing a hue of orange,saffron,purple and what not in the sky.The boatman hurries down as darkness descends down in the eastern part.You are away,away from all the daily hue and cry,being a bit philosophical you find yourself being humbled.Suddenly one constant chirping draws your attention.You move your head,only to see the silhouette of the flying birds.With you and the Sun,they have to return back home...Only to start afresh again tomorrow.
Being an amateurish bird photographer and more a bird lover, the oxbow lake of Purbasthali,also known as Chupi chor or Pakhir aloy among the locales has always eluded me.Each winter came and made me sad about missing my feathered friends.
This December,enough I thought and started off with two of my colleagues to meet with my dream that I was raring long.

...To be continued

phir_milenge Jan 7th, 2018 12:31

Avian Abundance : Purbasthali
My friends at Purbasthali.

Prakaant Jan 7th, 2018 13:52

Lovely photographs. :)

Waiting for more!

indranilroy Jan 10th, 2018 19:02

can you please tell me how to I book new cottage accommodation in Purbasthali?

travelmanna Jan 10th, 2018 19:21

Beautiful bird photos!!!!!

phir_milenge Jan 15th, 2018 23:33

Sorry Indranil.Not very sure about booking and overnight stay there. I have visited the place for a day long trip.

RahulDeva Jan 15th, 2018 23:56

If you are an amateur photographer then what are we lesser mortals?

phir_milenge Jan 16th, 2018 00:28

4 Attachment(s)
Battery charged?Full.
Memory Card?Formatted.
Water?Dry food?Self made field guide?All checked.

One can imagine how difficult it is to sleep when you are too excited to start off your journey.The initial plan was to sleep early and wake early.But as it happens every time, I could not close my eyes any sooner.
Still as the clock hit 3 O' clock, the alarm clock suddenly shrieked in the eerie hour just to remind you the D-day had come.It was not so difficult to get waken unlike my other weekdays.Probably it happens to all of us, there seem to be a clock some what programmed and synchronized with your body and brain.How many times you have dozed off in the constant rhythmic journey of the train only to wake up just in the nick of time.
Did the morning chores and started off with the journey.
The plan was to catch the early morning local to reach Dumdum Jn and then to take the Jangipur express thereafter.My junior friend was late, thus compounded my heart beats as if the excitement was not enough.Had to take an UBER and reached Dumdum Jn.The express came,we boarded and thanked the almighty for that much coveted window seat.Another friend joined from Barrackpore.
The morning was cold, many of the commuters were almost totally wrapped in various warmers.The apparent hibernation could not hinder the enthusiasm of the hawkers.As the train moved further away from the city, the number of the sellers seemed to be increasing.It was like a market...a running one.It was imperative that the calorie count formula would be broken as we devoured the 'Jhal-Muri'(Puffed rice with various other ingredients like ginger,onion,green chilli,nuts,grams,boiled potatoes etc),'Joynogorer Moya'(some sweet balls).
It was almost 8:30 and we reached Purbasthali.Bargained a bit and took an auto to our paradise,mostly known as Chupir Chor or Pakhiraloy among the locales.

Intermediate Egret
Attachment 92916

Pond Heron
Attachment 92917

Green Bee-eater
Attachment 92918

Attachment 92919

phir_milenge Jan 16th, 2018 00:40

5 Attachment(s)
Thanks Prakaant,Sukumar da.

Rahul, you got me blushed![Blush]

King of Purbasthali-the Osprey
Attachment 92920

Long live the King!White throated Kingfisher.
Attachment 92921

Attachment 92922

Asian Open-Bill Stork-probably a juvenile
Attachment 92923

Green Bee-eater with a catch!
Attachment 92924

Nick-H Jan 16th, 2018 01:45


Originally Posted by phir_milenge (Post 2072591)
This December,enough I thought and started off with two of my colleagues to meet with my dream that I was raring long.

Birds for the bird watchers and a word for the word watchers! Indeed a rare one these days, although the expression raring to go used to be common.

Thank you for the word. Thank you for the amazing, wonderful pictures :D

phir_milenge Jan 16th, 2018 16:25

5 Attachment(s)
Attachment 92933

Black Headed Ibis1
Attachment 92934

Black Headed Ibis2
Attachment 92935

Red Wattled lapwing1
Attachment 92936

Red Wattled lapwing2
Attachment 92937

phir_milenge Jan 16th, 2018 16:42

5 Attachment(s)
Yellow Rattled Lapwing
Attachment 92944

Wood Sandpiper
Attachment 92945

Lesser Whistling Duck
Attachment 92946

Wood Sandpiper2
Attachment 92947

Asian Openbill Stork
Attachment 92948

iamsomnath Jan 16th, 2018 18:45

Beautiful photos there !

phir_milenge Jan 16th, 2018 19:43

Coming from you Somnath da, it's a complement to cherish!😊😊😊

phir_milenge Jan 16th, 2018 22:01

5 Attachment(s)
Miss Cutipie!
Small Pratincole.
Attachment 92966

River Pratincole
Attachment 92967

Lesser Whistling Duck-flock1
Attachment 92968

Lesser Whistling Duck-flock2
Attachment 92969

Little Ringed Plover
Attachment 92970

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