Dish of the day.....
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Dish of the day.....

Thought I'd start a "dish of the day" thread.... 'cause at the moment I'm soooo hungry and I know when I'm missing being in India, I start frantically going through my millions of Indian recipe books ( just reading the recipes is enough ! ) and get to work... So much better than the stuff of an average run of the mill 'Indian Restaurant'...

This one's super easy and I've cooked it 3 times this week already ! ( I'm an obsessive.. )



1lb meat ( Lamb, chicken, etc ) chunky pieces
1 onion
1 piece ginger ( I sometimes add 1/2 tsp powdered instead, works great ! )
10 cloves garlic, mashed
3 dry red chillies
1 tsp turmeric
1/2 pt curd ( I like the 'bio' stuff.. makes a really creamy taste.. )
6 peppercorns
1 big piece cinnnamon
4 Cloves
Ghee / oil

Chop the onion , garlic & ginger.
Heat ghee / oil
put in meat & stir for a couple minutes
add onions , ginger & garlic - stir for say 5 mins
add spices & stir for a couple more
add curd & stir
then put lid on, seal & gently simmer for at least an hour.


Great with steamed spiced rice & some kind of dal...

Any takers for tomorrow's dish ?

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Not the dish of the day but 20 of my friends and I ate at a good Indian/Pakistani restaurant called DesiVillage in King of Prussia, PA. A good time was had by all - the mushroom curry was GOOD!
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Not sure this is actually a "dish", but it's the basis of all my favourite Indian foods!

Home made paneer!
Ingredients: 4 litres milk, 1 cup vinegar. Cheesecloth for wrapping it up
Bring the milk to the boil and add the vinegar. It should* seperate into curds and whey (BYO Miss Muppet).
Wrap the curds in cheesecloth and squeeze out excess moisture. Let the paneer cool for 1/2 an hour or so and take the cheese cloth off.
Keep it in the fridge, not sure how long it lasts as I always eat it before it has a chance to go off.

*If it doesn't, add a bit more vinegar.
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Ahhh... paneer

I'm lucky in that a 15 minute walk from my appartment takes me to the heart of London's South Indian / Tamil / Sri Lankan community and there is always an ample supply of ready made paneer.. ( as well as anything else you could ever want ! )

However, never really sure about the texture - seems a bit 'hard' - so I might finally try the DIY version...

I've got a nice recipe for "paneer kurma" somewhere - I'll try and dig it out later..
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You can buy ready made paneer at woolworths in Australia, all ready in it's little vaccuum-pack. But it has the flavour and texture of rubber.
I was talking about it with the lady at my local indian grocer, and asking why they don't sell their own, better paneer. She let me in on the secret - everyone makes their own! Fortunately she was also kind enough to share the recipe :)
I don't know about this brick-in-the-fridge business though, my housemates think I'm mad for making my own cheese in this day and age anyway.
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If you do the same thing with curd and crushed garlic cloves and leave out the vinegar you get a mighty fine garlic cream cheese!!
They call it local cheese in India, lovely when you just don't fancy puri bhaji!
Sanatana Dharma
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Guerik... what sort of vinegar? I guess lemon juice would have the same effect.
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Sorry, white vinegar. Other types might work but I've never tried them.
My indian-grocer lady suggested vinegar or lemon juice, vinegar's cheaper though so I use that.
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OK... here goes :

Make some home made paneer
Deep/shallow fry it in chunks and set aside

1 ts ground cumin
1 ts ground tumeric
1 ts ground coriander seeds
1 ts ground garlic powder
with a little water to make a paste

In a pan, add oil / ghee an stir fry :
12 green cardomans
4 cloves
1 tsp white cumin seeds
1/2 ts black cumin seeds
1/2 ts fennel seeds
2 star anise
for a couple of minutes

then add some:
chopped ginger
then a chopped onion
and fry 5 minutes

then add the paste prepared before
fry 3 more minutes

then add a good glass full of curd ( mixed with a tablespoon of gram flour helps keep the texture later on ) 2 teaspoons sugar, 2 ts tomato puree and 1/2 litre of the whey from making the paneer.

Simmer, salt to taste + add the fried paneer.
add a good pinch saffron strands
add some chopped corriander leaves, simmer 2 more minutes


A little complicated - but deliciously rich and fragrant... If you can get some edible silver leaf, lay some on top before serving - your guests will be suitably impressed....

Oh man... I'm off to the kitchen...
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You can buy ready made paneer at woolworths in Australia, all ready in it's little vaccuum-pack. But it has the flavour and texture of rubber.

Is that the Lemnos brand, guerik? I've bought it here in Bangkok, imported from Australia.... it is very rubbery but still went well in my pumpkin curry.

Butterball... sounds delish and I'll have to try it out. Did a two day Thai cookery course a couple of weeks ago... cooked 12 dishes and ate them all up. Can now make a mean Tom Yum Goong among others.
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Tom yum goong...

Just the name sounds yummy...
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Butterball... among your millions of Indian cookbooks, I don't suppose you have an Ayurvedic one with a black cover by Amadea Morningstar(!!). My copy is back home in storage and I'd love to get the recipe for Gujurat Dahl from it. Perhaps someone else might have it if you don't and could post it here for me. It's lovely... thick and green... and good for all Ayurvedic doshas.
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Not as such... but at home I've got 3 Gujarati veg books - I'll take a look and come back to you
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Can someone please post a simple dhal recipe
I've had two disasters now any good recipes even a doughball like myself can follow ...Just like the dhal in the thalis in India....

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A couple of handfuls of yellow dal ( the really fine stuff is best )
Soak for a few hrs
Add a pint or so of water & boil / simmer til runny & cooked ( 20-30 min? )
Should be of a nice dal consistency
Add 1/4 tsp turmeric & simmer 5 more mins & salt to taste ( is can happliy sit there for a while

Now the 'tarka' bit :

Finely slice a very large onion
Fry gently in Ghee with 5 peppercorns & some cumin seeds til very golden ( 20 mins ? )

Stir this into the dal just before serving

Hey Presto !