Will I Get This Train?//train wait list code confusion..
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Will I Get This Train?//train wait list code confusion..

I plan to purchase an air ticket tommorow for Delhi to arrive early Dec.,

on the train website it gives the following info re: Sleeper Class

1-12-2004 WL 3/RAC 86

2-12-2004 AVAILABLE- 0023

3-12-2004 RAC 46/RAC 46

4-12-2004 WL 3/RAC 95

5-12-2004 WL 271/WL 213

6-12-2004 RAC 23/RAC 19

I read what i could find but don't understand it all.
If I figure out how to reserve a seat online and do it tommorow or early next week, can i assume i will easily get on any of these trains (not including the 5th).

For now, i just want to buy my air ticket with confidence i'll be able to get a train to Trivandrum.

Thanks much.

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hi solosurf,

you are right - any date other than 5th should be ok as you have another 2 weeks to go.

which class is this? you are more likely to get a confirmation in sleeper than in AC as the total number of seats in sleeper is much higher.

miles to go....

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RAC mean ' Reservation against cancellation' However RAC entitles you to enter a reserved coach and share a berth with another person (who will be holding a RAC ticket as you) till you get your own. As mentioned by BigZero, the chances of getting the confirmed berth (your own) is highest in Sleeper class (without AC) and least in 2 tier AC. Medium in 3tier AC.
So if I'd be in your place, I'll take any day (except 5th dec), if the tickets are for 3tier AC or Sleeper class.
While taking RAC ticket, it is useful to see the departure time of the train. Since RAC ticket holders get their own berth depending on number of 'no show' or last minute cancellations and in worst case senario these RAC ticket holders get their own berth after the train leaves. If the train is leaving in the night, it may be difficult to wait for your own berth, but if the train leaves in daytime, you'll get your own berth by evening (assuming the journey is long) and you'll be able to sleep comfortably.
However, with 2 weeks in advance, I'm confident that by the time you reach here, the RAC ticket will get confirmed.
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December 2nd is the best !! If you cannot travel on this date for some reason, then your next option should be Dec. 6th.
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Train WL confusion!!

Hi guys...

Can anyone inform me what it measn when they give you 2 WL next to each other for a train? I want to book a train for 3 days time but it says WL25/WL5.. On cleartrip it said from the search screen that it was only WL5 so i went on to book it but when i got to payment stage it had changed to include the WL24 infront of the WL5!!

What does this mean and should i book?


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WL25/WL5 means you'll be the 25th person to join the waitlist, but because of cancellations, you've moved to WL5.

It's just like a queue, you're the 25th person to join the queue, but 20 people in front of you have already left the queue.

See the RAC & Waitlist thread for more details, there's a link below this message.
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Hey thanks steve, have now cancelled it as had a change of plan plus its unlikly i am gonna get on the thing though anyway as am still 5 in the cue and it is from mumbai..

I am in goa and dont want to book a ticket out of here if i am not guaranteed to be on the train tomorrow night.. Its so difficult to plan your journey right now what with the school holidays!!

Due to end of season here in goa there are alot of enfields for sale so the change of plan is to ride my sweet ass out of town.. No better way really..

Thanks again for the help.

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Originally posted by: sneekybeeky View Post

there are alot of enfields for sale so the change of plan is to ride my sweet ass out of town.. No better way really..

Sounds great, I wish I was joining you, it's said to be a really nice journey.

Monsoon's arriving in Kerala in the next few days, I don't know how long it takes to get up to Goa, but it could spoil your ride a bit.
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