What is PQWL?

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I have just booked a ticket from on LD - YPR section on train no. 17310 and the ticket issued to me shows as PQWL39/PQWL2.

I am really confused as to what does PQWL mean?

Are my chances better or worse of getting a confirmed seat as against the normal WL?

Thanks in advance!
~caw from the macaw!
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Did you try to search on this site or atleast Google. Here are a few links that anyway appear at the bottom of this very page.



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<cross-posted with Narendra Sir>

May I suggest you to visit pqwl, Pqwl? Help Me Please... and PQWL to WL!?
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A group of intermediate stations form a cluster/pool to form a quota.
1) Start-End Quota.
2) A single Wait list maintained across the route of the train
3) Since it is a start-end quota, it can be applicable across any journey combination of the train, meaning for a journey leg applicable for GN/RS/RL, berths for the same can also be given from PQ.
In this case, the PNR usually needs to have more than one passenger.
If the original quota runs in WL, or doesnt has sufficient number of confirmed berths available, then PQ is used in this case.
For ex:
Pass 1 (Confirmed, PQ)
Pass 2 (Confirmed, PQ)
Pass 3 (Confirmed, GN)
Pass 4 (Confirmed, GNWL)
Note: The journey leg here comes under GNWL. Due to the unavailability of sufficient number of confirmed berths, the first two passengers are confirmed against PQ, third against GN and then the concerned Waitlist applicable across the journey leg commences.
However in rare occasions, PNR having single passenger are also placed against PQ in the same way.
4) Some of the stations forming PQ, are often given a share of their own. Thus either the common quota across all the PQ is first utilised and then the individual quota of the stations and/or vice versa.
Due to the above reason, most of the time you would find cases like:
Pass 1 (Confirmed, PQ)
Pass 2 (WL 56, PQ)
Here, the first pass was confirmed against the individual quota of the originating station and/or confirmed berths available for that specific journey leg and the second passenger was placed in the common Waitlist applicable from start-end.
5) Charting of the same happens at the originating station (Reason : Point 1)
GNWL=> Start-end/ Start-intermediate (In some rare cases where the intermediate station falls within the same cluster/same state as that of the originating station and serves as a big city/important station; like Hwh/NDLS/CSTM and so on). This is the quota maintained at the originating station/originating cluster of stations and is mainly applicable for start-end passengers. A part of this quota is often distributed amongst the intermediate/remote stations which enables the latter to support RAC (Due to the increased number of quota).
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thank you!

doh! should have searched before posting. But thank you everyone for your replies!
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PQWL Prediction please....

I have booked two Goa Express tickets for Delhi:

(1) Train starting from Goa on 16th Feb:
Booked from Pune to Delhi (train to reach Pune on 17th Feb, 04:00 hours).
PNR: 4137673168
Booking status: W/L 48,PQWL
Current status: W/L 32

To be precise, on IRCTC, this one was booked for Goa Link Express. My concern is, in the last 3 weeks, it has only moved up 2 places.

(2) Train starting from Goa on 17th Feb:
Booked from Goa to Delhi (but will board from Pune on 18th Feb, 04:00 hours).
PNR: 4137675599
Booking status: W/L 95,GNWL
Current status: W/L 32

I'd obviously like to board the train from Pune on 17th, but can you please advise if PQWL stands a chance to get confirmed by 17th Feb? At this stage though, it looks to me 2nd ticket will get confirmed sooner..

I've indeed read posts on PQWL / WLs / RAC and I do understand some bits of it. However, I'd like to request for your expert suggestions on what chances does the first ticket have... as I'd prefer to board the train on 17th (04:00 hrs), from Pune.

Thanks a lot.

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