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shenoy999 Sep 17th, 2008 00:41

W/L 12 ,RLGN Confirmed
Hi guys,
Can any of
IR master blaster answer my query :) ..
Below is my pnr status. though current booking shows : W/L 13, RLGN , current status shows confirmed. What would that mean>? Am i in waiting list [cry] or my berth confirmed

You Queried For PNR Number 631-9371762
Journey Details
S. No. Train Number Train Name Date (DD-MM-YYYY) From Station To Station Reserved Upto Station Boarding Point Station Class

S. No.
Booking Status Current Status
(Coach No , Berth No., Quota) (Coach No , Berth No.)
Passenger 1 W/L 12 ,RLGN Confirmed
Please Note that in case the Final Charts have not been prepared, the Current Status
might change at a later stage.

steven_ber Sep 17th, 2008 00:48

You now have a confirmed berth in 2A, but you'll not find out the carriage and berth number till the resarvarion chart is prepared, probibly about 17:00 on the day of your journey.

shenoy999 Sep 17th, 2008 01:09

Thanks alot steven, it's pretty complicated to understand the WL stuffs..especially those with two WL status when we do check availability ex : WL 12/WL 1 ... What would that mean??
Appreciate ur help greatly.

steven_ber Sep 17th, 2008 01:22

I'm doing a long thread about waitlists, the following is part of it.

All RAC/WL tickets have 2 'numbers', the first is the position you join the waitlist, the 2nd is your current waitlist position.

You go to buy a ticket online (or at a reservation office), you find the perfect train, select your chosen class, enter your date of journey, then notice that the ticket offered is WL 10/WL 4, you buy the ticket, so we'll use this as an example. (with 4 RAC places)

WL 10/WL 4 means that you join the waitlist at position 10, but due to cancellations (before you bought the ticket) you have already moved to waitlist position 4, the first number will not change, if there were another 3 cancellations, your new waitlist position will be WL 10/WL 1, another 3 cancellations would take you to WL 10/RAC 2, a further 2 cancellations would take you to WL 10/CNF (confirmed reservation, though you wouldn't find out your carriage and berth number till a couple of hours before the train departs, details of how to find this info later)

Think of standing in a queue, as you go to join the queue you are given a number indicating the position you join the queue (eg. WL 10), this number will remain the same as that IS the position you joined the queue, all those in front of you have either confirmed, RAC or better waitlist positions than you, if any of the people in front of you decide to leave the queue, you move forward, and closer to a confirmed seat/berth, some in front of you may have already left the queue before you joined, so if 6 people had already left the queue, you'd be joining the queue in position WL 10, but you'd already be at position WL 4.

The above ticket would move through the waitlist as follows: -

WL 10/WL 4
WL 10/WL 3
WL 10/WL 2
WL 10/WL 1
WL 10/RAC 4
WL 10/RAC 3
WL 10/RAC 2
WL 10/RAC 1

shenoy999 Sep 20th, 2008 21:50

Goodness..this howrah yeshwantpur runs a minimum of 9 hours delay daily!!
I got a whopping 14 hours delay! It was expected at 11:45 pm and came at 2:30pm (next day) . I had to stay in a lodge over night in tirupati .but that was a shock when the enquiry guy told me that its a common thing that the train runs late daily!so cool and calm reply. He even asked me to cancel and catch a bus.But i was very much aligned to this train and NEVER wanted to get back by bus.As train journy was a part of the trip i planned :).
However the comfort in 2A helped me forget all the delay i enjoyed each bit of journy.hardly anybody in my car, so got all 4 berth to myself and i just curtained myself inside for a fantastic return

Aishah Sep 20th, 2008 22:24

Goodness, that sounds like a record of a delay, shenoy! Did you know the reasons? Rain, flooding problems, anything like this?

Steven - I've noticed these initials a few times - do you know what they mean?RLGN? Would be grateful if you can answer!

shenoy999 Sep 20th, 2008 22:38

Exactly..Few ppl did tell me it's because of those floods that the tracks have gone bad and this train takes a deviation roaming all india. But my concern is when they really know about the definite "indefinate delay" they can update the train timing atleast.What if a gal books a ticket for that hour only to stand in station at dead of night for hours together?

steven_ber Sep 21st, 2008 02:12

RLGN.....not sure really.....VSP?

Here's the reason I'm not sure.

RL = remote location - The Jodhpur-Varanasi train will sell tickets from Jodhpur via the General quota (GN), but tickets will also be sold from Jaipur or Agra, these stations will be called 'remote locations' (RL), and tickets from these stations will be from the remote location quota (not the general quota), and waitlisted tickets will be RLWL, not general WL, so RLGN doesn't make sense to me.

maybe a better explanation below (from a thread I'm doing about waitlists etc.)


Train 4864 runs 4 days a week, train 4854 runs on the other 3 days at almost identical times; I'll use train 4864 in the following example.

Train 4864 starts it's journey in Jodhpur, then goes via Jaipur and Agra Fort to Varanasi Jn, Indian Railways recognises that passengers may want to use this train for only part of it's journey, and whilst the railways would prefer passengers who travel the train's full journey, they also don't want to lose out on passengers who only wish to travel part of the route.
Now lets say (for example) the entire train was booked by people wanting to travel from Agra Fort to Varanasi Jn, that would mean the train running empty from Jodhpur to Agra Fort, so the railways had to devise a system that would give priority to longer distance passengers, but was also flexible enough to accommodate some shorter distance passengers, here's how they do it (this system operates on most long distance trains).

The originating station (and some other stations close to it) has the 'General' quota, some important stations along the route are then defined as 'Remote Location' stations, these RL stations get their own quota, sometimes large with their own RAC and waitlist (RLWL), sometimes small and without RAC or waitlist.

For train 4864, passengers travelling from Jodhpur to Varanasi will be given tickets from the General Quota.

The other stations before Jaipur also take their tickets from the Jodhpur general quota.

Jaipur has been selected as a 'Remote Location' for this train, and as a remote location, it will have it's own quota of tickets, it will also have it's own RAC and RLWL, all stations after Jaipur and up to Idgah Agra will share Jaipur's RAC and RLWL.

Agra Fort has also been selected as a 'Remote Location' for this train, but the quota is too small to have RAC and a RLWL, all other stations after Agra Fort would use Agra Fort's remote location quota.
Train delays.....

I read a couple of years ago about an express train in Bihar that had never arrived on time in the 5 years it had been running.

I also read that the Trivandrum-Guwahati Express suffered the worst delays of any train in India, often arriving more than a day late.

Aishah Sep 21st, 2008 08:57

Thanks Steven, that's certainly helped a lot - I didn't even know RL was remote location. Starting to make sense now.

mishra_rp Sep 21st, 2008 12:20

rail ticket
RLGN means - remote location general quota

suppose you are booking your ticket for return journey from Bhopal to mumbai at this case your journey starts at bhopal but you have booked your ticket at mumbai which is a remote location. in this case if your ticket was in wait list and then confirmed then it is likely to show status what you have mentioned i.e. RLGN confirmed...but your birth and seat will only be alloted 4 hrs before departure of train when chart is prepared.

Aishah Sep 21st, 2008 13:10

Perfectly clear now, thanks mishra rp and steven, looks like your 'guess' correct.

vsp27759 Sep 22nd, 2008 17:09

Dear shenoy999,

I got a whopping 14 hours delay! It was expected at 11:45 pm and came at 2:30pm

##The scheduled arrival of 2863 in Tirupati is 23.40 hrs.
The reason for the delay is this train is being operated in a circutous route between Vizianagaram and Kharagpur, because of the breaches of the caused to the Railway Embankment including a Railway Bridge between Bhadrak and Kharagpur.

##Consequent to this re-routing, this train needs to have a Diesel Loco for a part of its journey, that is, between Vizianagaram and Jharsuguda, otherwise, it 'was' running with an electric loco between Renigunta and Howrah. Now, it seems, this train is getting electric loco at Jolarpettai itself instead of Renigunta.

shenoy999 Sep 23rd, 2008 00:10

Wow..that makes plenty of sense now.I really was wondering y a train can lag that much from scheduled time.Thanks for the info vsp [praiseyou

steven_ber Sep 23rd, 2008 00:26


Can you explain RLGN please?

vsp27759 Sep 23rd, 2008 14:06

Dear Steven,

means any station can tap this quota, provided it is covered within this Quota.

##In some trains, we do have Station Specific Quotas, in addition to GN, RL and PQ. The Station Specific Quotas, where there may or may not be a PRS Counter, CANNOT BE tapped by anybody except the Station, for which it is intended.

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