Unreserved tickets
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Unreserved tickets

The Murudhar Express from Agra to Varanasi leaves at 9.15 p.m. Could I get an unreserved ticket? What time do ticket offices at Indian railway stations close?

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The reservation counters close at 8pm (I think) but you shoulf be able to get tickets for the train in question from the same counters where you get the platform tickets.

Since you're going unreserved, it's best to be there about 2 hours earlier and snuck in in the general compartment.
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i am traveling to india in october to watch the icc tournament fron the uk. iwant to travel by train from delhi to jaipur, from jaipur to ahmedabad, from ahmedabab to mohali and mohali to ahmedabad as i do not know much about indian railways or cost i would appriciate any suggestions

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