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Traveling by train

I shall be visiting India next January arriving in Trivandrum and staying there before travelling on to Madurai.
Can anyone could tell me the times of trains leaving on a Friday from Trivandrum going to Madurai please.
Having travelled to India many times I have never got my mind around the different travel Classes on trains.
First train trip I ever took, I sat on a seat with a table in front of me and was able to walk around and mix with fellow travellers, wonderful. Was that 2nd Class?
Once on a trip from Madurai travelling 1st Class A\C found myself looking at the back of seat and unable to see out due to the state of the window, and that was for 200 miles..Never again!
Last year I travelled on an express train with just a bench seat and very little leg room. Was this 3rd Class.?
If some one could explain to me the different Classes I would be most grateful.
Thank you

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You can use this link to check trains running. Looks like 4 possibles on Fridays:!TRAIN_BETWEEN=TVC-MDU

Depending on your exact travel date, you can check on the number of seats available on your train by clicking the train and class "bubble". (Booking only opens up to 120 days ahead for most trains...)

Sunscreen on windows is a problem in many trains, regardless of class.

I suggest you go to and look at the India train info for best detail of classes of trains.

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Your first train trip looks like a sleeper class. I guess you had a lower berth for sleeping and the window seat. Did you share the cubicle with 5 other passengers?

The seat on a bench looks like 2nd class or general class.

Apart from the link given by O&R you can also have a look at to see the different type of classes available in Indian Railways.

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