Travel Advice...two weeks in India. HELP
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Travel Advice...two weeks in India. HELP

If you could go to Leh or Varanasi...where would you go?

Not sure we ahve time for both. Is Leh cold in July? That might make up our minds as we are traveling VERY light. One small pack each.

totally torn. Our trip right now is as follows...
June 25 arrive in delhi and stay with friends for a night....then...

Dehli -- agra -- Delhi
Fly to Varanasi and back (unless we work in Darj.)

Then we have about 12 days to either head up to Rishikesh and Dharamsala or Leh OR go to Jaipur or somewhere else. We are totally torn and new to India (but fairly extensive travelers--Africa, Syria, Asia).

Any advice is appreciated. Working on trains and flights and trying to save as much time as possible. Sorry I am so confused and rushed (we'll be in cambodia beforehand and rushing out the door!!!) HA

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I've never been to Leh in July, so I can't tell you exactly how warm or cold it's likely to be (my impression is that it's never exactly warm!), but I can say that you are unlikely ever to choose a month when it will be warmer! On the other hand, my "other favourite" part of India -- Rajasthan, especially Jaisalmer -- is also probably at its absolute hottest in July, and that, therefore, may be best left unbtil a later visit at a more temperate time of year (we were there in October, and it was still pretty hot!). I'm sure you'll be back for a second bite at India -- it's without doubt the best destination I have vever been to (although I admit that I have not travelled in most of your "past" areas). Come back at Christmas and do Rajasthan then!

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