Transporting M'cycle by train............
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Transporting M'cycle by train............


I am going to transport my M'cycle to Ambala Cantt railway station from Baroda a week in advance. So that when i reach there i can immediately collect it and start my journey to Manali and Ladakh.

What i wanna know is.....What is the procedure to collect the M'cycle from the station. Is it too complex and Corrupt. Cos if its too complex and timeconsuming i'd think about transporting throught some private transport agency. Also if anybody knows....does the police harass unnecessarily.

Any feedback in appreciated.

Thank you.

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If you have the shipping ticket and an id to verify yourself then it wouldn't be a big issue. However leaving your motorcycle in Railway station for a week, well that’s not something I would personally do.
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Thanks Yogesh,

You see....i am going to parcel it a week in advance. Now by the time it reaches there it will take atleast 2 days. So it wont be lying there for more than 4-5 days max really. I have to parce it in advance cos just if it happens that i reach there and the m'cycle is not there....then i am screwed.

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