Train tickets to Agra from Delhi
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Train tickets to Agra from Delhi

We are having problems getting 2 Shatabdi Express train tickets to Agra from New Delhi for 6am ride on Dec 28th and back to New Delhi at 6am on Dec 29th. The IRCTC web site says they do not give e-tickets for waitlisted trains, they can only send i- tickets within India. We are in California and are wondering if anyone knows anyway we can get i-tickets sent to us here. Or does anyone have any suggestions on how to get these booked trains?


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unless youre buying the tickets from a reputable company, dont buy it through the internet. go to the train station in delhi and buy it there.

im not sure if the express train youre trying to book is the same ones that leave from the station near the paharganj, but if it is, i would suggest buying it there a day before.

when we bought our tickets in advance, we had trouble with the tickets. our names were on the list of passengers, but the conductor wouldnt take our tickets because it was not the official ticket they issue. so we ended up paying a fine to stay on the train, after arguing about it...:p
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You purchased e-tickets through irctc and had problems or did you purchase from somewhere else? Please explain!
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I'm assuming that you tried to purchase 1AC tickets for the trip to Agra. I checked the availability of CC (chair class) and there are appears to be plenty of seats left for the dates of your travel. These seats would be more than comfortable for the short trip to and from Agra.
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Identify the train you want to travel on and email the hotel where you are staying and get them to buy the tickets for you and pick them up when you arrive in India. I have just done this with Hotel Relax in Paharganj. They charge 100IRs commission per ticket which in the scheme of things is chicken feed. If you leave it until you get there the trains maybe booked out.
Jenineparadise, you have fallen for the oldest trick in the book. Be careful this time.
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Originally posted by: Shark.
Jenineparadise, you have fallen for the oldest trick in the book. Be careful this time.

What was the trick, the travelagency? Obviously not, as their names were on the list.

Or was it th TTC who preyed on ignorant travekllers with an e-ticket?

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What a confusing thread!

There can no more reputable company than The IRCTC web site from which to buy your train tickets.

What the OP says about e- and i-tickets is quite true. The only way around it is to get the i-ticket delivered to a hotel to await her.
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