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#1 Dec 3rd, 2010, 05:13
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In my younger days, i would scoff at the mere thought of having someone else other than myself dragging luggage onto a train i was boarding. But as my age progresses ever higher year on year the less physically i want to do. Not through shear laziness you see, honest Well anyway, how much do train porters charge for say a heavily laden backpack? I really would like to use these chaps on every station where i'll be. From the research i have done in IM it's a case of show them your ticket and they will take you to the exact spot, yes?
#2 Dec 3rd, 2010, 10:21
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Hyderabad, india
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They will take you to the coach and yes put the luggage way where you want them to be put. However agree on a price BEFORE you give him your bags. It might be about INR 30-40 for 1 big backpack.
#3 Dec 3rd, 2010, 13:02
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Agree a price, show your ticket, then say "on your marks, get set, GOoooo".

These porters (old name Coolies) are super fit and walk at such a high speed, it's difficult to keep up at times.

Don't ever feel guilty, if you feel guilty and don't use them, they lose out on an opportunity to work and earn money, if you still feel guilty, watch what an Indian middle class family get them to carry, watch the way this family argue with him over price and observe the way they speak to him, the class structure in England will seem tame in comparison.

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