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Below is a list of useful train related info on this website, scroll down to the 2nd post for a long list of links giving train times between many places, post 3 shows how you can find trains and availability, and includes links to other useful train search websites. (07/08)

How to find trains between 2 places (and availability).

Understanding Reservation Forms. (includes seat/berth layouts)

Indian Railways website.

Train fares thread.

A detailed post about Indian Railway maps.

The best 'value for money' class on Indian Railways.

Click here for an on-line version of Indian Railways 'Trains at a Glance' timetable (07/08)

Is an Indrail pass worth the money?

Advice on 37 hour train ride - A load of great tips for long train journeys.

A nice meal for a long journey. (how to find out)

Regional specialty food items railway stations are famous for.

Scenic rail trips

Booking Indian Rail tickets from abroad: A Beginner’s Guide. (by Beach)

Luggage allowance in each class. (in Kgs.)

Ticket refund rules.

______________________________ __________________

Information for the following posts.

Classes of travel on Indian trains.

1A = First Class air-conditioned (AC1)
2A = 2 Tier air-conditioned (AC2)
3A = 3 Tier air-conditioned (AC3)
FC = First Class NOT air-conditioned
EC = Executive chair class, air-conditioned
CC = Chair class, air-conditioned
SL = Sleeper Class, NOT air-conditioned
2S = Bookable second class seat, NOT air-conditioned
II = Unreserved 2nd class, NOT air-conditioned

Detailed information including photos of the above classes of accommodation

Knowing the Indian Train. An excellent thread by beach explaining all you need to know about Indian trains.

All prices are for single journeys; unlike Europe, return tickets offer no savings.
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WARNING, a lot of timings below are from old timetables.

There are normally just a few changes in timings when a new timetable comes out, often giving extra options for journeys.

Some details have been updated, but I will not be updating any more, there are just too many to do, search the links below for an idea of timings, then follow the directions in the next post for how to find trains and availability.

For Stations in Kerala, check first for place name, then look under 'K' for Kerala.

India's longest train journey, The Himsagar Express


Agra to Amritsar.
Agra to Bharatpur.
Agra to Bhusaval/Jalgaon. (for Ellora/Ajanta caves)
Agra to Bikaner.
Agra to Delhi. (evening departure from Agra)
Agra to Fatehpur Sikri.
Agra to Jaipur.
Agra to Jodhpur.
Agra to Umaria. (for Bandhavgarh)
Agra to Varanasi. (if you can't find availability, let me know, there are other options that I don't want to put on a public forum)

Ahmedabad to Bhuj.
Ahmedabad to Goa.
Ahmedabad to Jalgaon/Bhusaval. (for Ajanta Caves)
Ahmedabad to Mumbai.
Ahmedabad to Udaipur.
Ahmedabad to Veraval. (for Diu)

Ajmer to Jodhpur.
Ajmer to Udaipur.

Alwar to Jaipur.

Amritsar to Agra.
Amritsar to Dehra Dun.
Amritsar to Delhi.
Amritsar to Haridwar (for Rishikesh).
Amritsar to Jaipur.
Amritsar to Jodhpur.
Amritsar to Pathankot. (for Kangra Valley Railway/Dharamsala)
Amritsar to Varanasi.

Aurangebad to Goa. (from Ellora/Ajanta caves)
Aurangabad to Hospet. (for Hampi)
Aurangebad to Mumbai
(for Ajanta and Ellora caves).


Bangalore to Bijapur.
Bangalore to Goa.
Bangalore to Hampi.
Bangalore to Kodaikanal Rd.
Bangalore to Kerala.
Bangalore to Madurai.
Bangalore to Shimoga Town. (for train to Jog Falls)
Bangalore to Tirupati.
Bangalore to Trichy.

Barmer to Delhi.
Barmer to Jaipur.
Barmer to Jodhpur.
Barmer to Samdari.

Bharatpur to Agra.
Bharatpur to Bikaner.
Bharatpur to Jaipur.
Bharatpur to Jodhpur.
Bharatpur to Udaipur.

Bhavnagar to Mumbai.

Bhopal to Sawai Madhoppur. (for Ranthambhore)

Bhuj to Ahmedabad.
Bhuj to Gandhidham.

Bhubaneswar to Calcutta.

Bhusaval/Jalgaon to Agra.
Bhusaval/Jalgaon to Jhansi.

Bijapur to Bangalore.
Bijapur to Gadag. (not operating at the moment, gauge conversion should be completed by next Jan)
Bijapur to Solapur.

Bikaner to Agra.
Bikaner to Bharatpur.
Bikaner to Jaipur.
Bikaner to Jaisalmer.
Bikaner to Jodhpur.


Calcutta to Bhubaneswar.
Calcutta to Gaya.
Calcutta to New Jalpaiguri. (for Darjeeling Himalayan Railway)
Calcutta to Puri.
Calcutta to Varanasi.

Canacona to Trichur. (Canacona is in south Goa)

Chennai to Agra.
Chennai to Goa.
Chennai to Mettupalaiyam. (for train to Ooty)
Chennai to Trivandrum.

Cochin to Bangalore.
Cochin to Goa.


Darjeeling to New Jalpaiguri. (Darjeeling Himalayan Railway)

Dehra Dun to Amritsar.
Dehradun to Delhi.

Delhi to Agra. (departing Delhi early morning)
Delhi to Amritsar.
Delhi to Barmer.
Delhi to Dehradun.
Delhi to Goa.
Delhi to Gorakhpur.
Delhi to Haridwar.
Delhi to Jaipur.
Delhi to Jaisalmer.
Delhi to Jodhpur.
Delhi to Pathankot. (for Kangra Valley Railway/Dharamsala)
Delhi to Patiala.
Delhi to Ramnagar.
Delhi to Udaipur.
Delhi to Umaria. (for Bandhavgarh)
Delhi to Varanasi.



Falna to Jodhpur. (Falna is 40 Kms from Ranakpur)

Fatehpur Sikri to Agra.


Gadag to Bijapur. (not operating at the moment, gauge conversion should be completed by next Jan)

Gadag to Hospet.

Gandhidham to Bhildi/Palanpur. (new times, now broad gauge, check)
Gandhidham to Bhuj.

Gaya to Calcutta.
Gaya to Puri.

Goa to Ahmedabad.
Goa to Aurangebad. (to Ellora/Ajanta caves)
Goa to Bangalore.
Goa to Chennai.
Goa to Delhi & Agra (& returning to Goa).
Goa to Hampi.
Goa to Kerala.
Goa to Mangalore.
Goa to Mumbai.
Goa to Pune.
Goa to Vijayawada.

Gorakhpur to Delhi.
Gorakhpur to Varanasi.

Gwalior to Jaipur.


Hampi to Bangalore.
Hampi to Goa.
Hampi to Mumbai.
Hampi to Vijayawada.

Haridwar to Amritsar. (Haridwar is 24 Kms. from Rishikesh)
Haridwar to Delhi.

Hospet to Chennai. (via Bangalore)
Hospet to Gadag.

Hubli to Mysore.


Indore to Mumbai.


Jabalpur to Kota.

Jaipur to Agra.
Jaipur to Amritsar.
Jaipur to Barmer.
Jaipur to Bharatpur.
Jaipur to Bikaner.
Jaipur to Delhi.
Jaipur to Dharamsala.
Jaipur to Gwalior.
Jaipur to Jaisalmer.
Jaipur to Jodhpur.
Jaipur to Nawalgarh. (Nawalgarh is in the Shekhawati region)
Jaipur to Pathankot.
Jaipur to Udaipur.

Jaisalmer to Bikaner.
Jaisalmer to Delhi.
Jaisalmer to Jaipur.
Jaisalmer to Jodhpur. - (Day train or overnight?)
Jaisalmer (the only line out of Jaisalmer goes via Jodhpur or Bikaner)

Jalgaon/Bhusaval to Agra.
Jalgaon/Bhusaval to Ahmedabad. (from Ajanta Caves)
Jalgaon/Bhusaval to Jhansi.

Jhansi to Bhusaval/Jalgaon. (for Ellora/Ajanta caves)
Jhansi to Mumbai. (Jhansi is close to Orchha)

Jodhpur to Agra.
Jodhpur to Ajmer.
Jodhpur to Amritsar.
Jodhpur to Barmer.
Jodhpur to Bharatpur.
Jodhpur to Bikaner.
Jodhpur to Delhi.
Jodhpur to Falna. (Falna is 40 Kms from Ranakpur).
Jodhpur to Jaipur.
Jodhpur to Jaisalmer. - (Day train or overnight?)
Jodhpur to Mumbai.
Jodhpur - Udaipur, no trains, consider Ranakpur (see Falna details)

Junagadh to Sasan Gir & Una. (Una is the best station for Diu)


Kangra Valley Railway. Pathankot, Kangra (for Dharamsala) & Jogindar Nagar.

Katni to Kota. (Katni is close to Umaria for Bandhavgarh NP)
Katni to Mumbai.

Kerala - Bangalore.
Kerala to Goa.
Kerala to Madurai.
Kerala to Mumbai. (Netravati Express)
Kerala to Trichy.

Khajuraho - (see Mahoba)

Kodaikanal Rd to Bangalore.
Kodaikanal Rd to Mysore.

Kota (for Bundi) to Bhopal.
Kota to Jabalpur.
Kota to Katni. (close to Umaria for Bandhavgarh NP)
Kota to Mumbai.
Kota to Vidisha/Sanchi.

Kunming (china) to Hanoi (Vietnam).



Madurai to Bangalore.
Madurai to Kerala.
Madurai to Mysore.

Mahoba to Agra. (Mahoba is a 3 hour bus ride from khajuraho)
Mahoba to Bhopal.
Mahoba to Varanasi. (Mahoba is a 3+ hour bus ride from khajuraho)

Mangalore to Goa.

Matheran to Neral Jn. (Matheran Hill Railway)

Mathura to Udaipur.

Mettupalaiyam to Chennai. (from Blue Mountain Railway)
Mettupalaiyam to Coonoor/Ooty. (Blue Mountain Railway)

Mumbai to Agra.
Mumbai to Ahmedabad.
Mumbai to Ajmer.
Mumbai to Aurangebad (for Ajanta and Ellora caves).
Mumbai to Bhavnagar.
Mumbai to Goa.
Mumbai to Hampi.
Mumbai to Indore.
Mumbai to Jodhpur.
Mumbai to Jhansi. (for Orchha)
Mumbai to Kerala. (Netravati Express)
Mumbai to Kota. (for Bundi)
Mumbai to Neral Jn. (for Matheran Hill Railway)
Mumbai to Porbander.

Mysore to Hubli.
Mysore to Kodaikanal Rd.
Mysore to Madurai.
Mysore to Trichy.


Nawalgarh to jaipur. (Nawalgarh is in the Shekhawati region)

Neral Jn to Matheran. (Matheran Hill Railway)
Neral Jn to Mumbai. (from Matheran Hill Railway)
Neral Jn to Pune. (from Matheran Hill Railway)

New Jalpaiguri to Calcutta. (from Darjeeling Himalayan Railway)
New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling. (Darjeeling Himalayan Railway)


Ooty/Coonoor to Mettupalaiyam. (Blue Mountain Railway)


Palanpur/Bhildi to Gandhidham. (broad gauge now, so different times, check)
Palanpur/Bhildi to Samdari.

Pathankot to Amritsar. (from Kangra Valley Railway/Dharamsala)
Pathankot to Delhi. (from Kangra Valley Railway/Dharamsala)
Pathankot to Jaipur.
Pathankot to Ramnagar.

Patiala to Delhi.

Pune to Goa.
Pune to Neral Jn. (for Matheran Hill Railway)

Puri to Calcutta.



Ramnagar to Delhi.
Ramnagar to Pathankot.

Ranthambhore to Jodhpur.(Sawai Madhopur is the station for Ranthambhore)
Ranthambhore to Udaipur.


Salem to Mysore.

Samdari to Barmer.
Samdari to Bhildi/Palanpur.

Sanchi/Vidisha to Kota.

Sasan Gir to Junagadh.
Sasan Gir to Una. (Una is the best station for Diu)

Sawai Madhoppur to Jodhpur.
Sawai Madhoppur to Vidisha, Sanchi & Bhopal. (Sawai is the closest station to Ranthambhore).

Shimoga Town to Bangalore. (after train from Jog Falls)
Shimoga Town to Talguppa. (Scenic trip to Jog Falls)

Solapur to Bijapur.


Talguppa to Shimoga Town. (Scenic trip from Jog Falls)

Trichy to Bangalore.
Trichy to Kerala.
Trichy to Mysore.

Trivandrum to Chennai.
Trivandrum to Goa.


Udaipur to Ahmedabad.
Udaipur to Ajmer.
Udaipur to Bharatpur.
Udaipur to Delhi.
Udaipur to Jaipur.
Udaipur - Jodhpur, no trains, consider Ranakpur (see Falna details)
Udaipur to Mathura.
Udaipur to Sawai Madhopur. (for Ranthambhore)

Una to Sasan Gir & Junagadh. (Una is the best station for Diu)


Varanasi to Agra.
Varanasi to Amritsar.
Varanasi to Calcutta.
Varanasi to Cochin.
Varanasi to Delhi.
Varanasi to Gorakhpur.
Varanasi to New Jalpaiguri.
Varanasi to Ramnagar. (for Corbett N. P.)
Varanasi to Satna. (Satna is a 4 hour bus ride from khajuraho)

Veraval to Ahmedabad.

Vijayawada to Goa.
Vijayawada to Hampi.

Vishakhapatnum to Koraput/Kirandul (via Araku Valley).




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How to find trains between 2 places, and availability.

Go to the following page.

Source Station Name – Mumbai cst

Destination Station Name – madgaon

(the above station names are just examples, type in your own station name, or the first 3 letters of the station name, then choose from the drop down box that may appear when you click 'Get It', watch out though, Indian Railways doesn't always spell train stations the same way you see on maps)

Class - All Class

Then click on Get It.

(Indian Railways is now 'day of week' sensitive, so if the journey you plan to take will be on a Monday, make sure you enter a date that is also a Monday to view all trains that run on a Monday)

onto next get availability.

Click on circle next to train number.

Please check Days Of Run as not all trains are daily.

Look at top left of screen.....

Enter Your Journey Date - 20 - Oct. (for example)

Enter Quota - General or Foreign Tourist Quota (FTQ can't be booked on-line)

Look at the top right of the screen for Classes, click on the circle next to the class you want (make sure it's on the same line as the train you want).

Then click on Get Availability

If you want to see a few different dates for the same train, do not select a date, the site will give you the availability for the selected train for the next 6 times it runs, and then the next 6 and so on.

This site can be slow.

Another good way to search is to go to - this is a good website and as accurate as any non Indian Railways website, it will also show trains that run on all days of the week.

If you can't find a direct train, try using - this website is very good and shows you all possible connecting trains to get you from one place to another when there are no direct trains.

Advance reservation period for booking trains has again been increased to 90 days, this will start on 1st Feb 08.
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Indian Railways maps. (posted Feb 2008)

Indian Railways, and in particular railway routes, are much easier to understand if you use a good railway rail map, if you also have a good road map you can compare the maps and understand the routes even more.

Rail maps.

The basic Indian Railway map can be viewed at

A very clear schematic rail map can be viewed at

Samit Roychoudhury done a collection of 13 regional rail maps, they're very detailed and cover all areas of the country, they overlap a lot, but this can be handy, view them at (click on different areas of the country to view the maps.

Samit Roychoudhury also produced the ultimate rail map, the Indian Railway Atlas, it's scale is 1:1,500,000, the same as the best road maps, the Atlas covers every railway station in India, has all station codes, major bridges and tunnels are indicated, there are some metro maps, and a 1893 Indian Railway map.

The rail map lines in the map show what gauge the line is, and also if it's a single, double or triple (or more) line, he also includes all planned gauge conversion works and planned new lines, it also shows all lines and stations that have been closed, the map legend is in English, German and Spanish.

For more details, go to

Road maps.

The Lonely Planet India and Bangladesh road atlas is no longer being printed, a pity, it was good, you may still find copies on e-bay or elsewhere. (and in India)

A similar road atlas is the Eicher India road atlas, it's easy to read and a good atlas, read about it at

(Eicher also do fantastic city maps of Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai and Bangalore, extremely detailed, I see they now do some state maps, but I've not viewed any so can't comment)

My favourite maps are the Nelles series of maps, they do 5 regional maps at a scale of 1:1,500,000 - North, West, East, North East (& Bangladesh) and South, very easy on the eye maps, look for the last 5 maps at

The ultimate (though confusing and old) maps of India can be found at - click on an area of the map to view a page form the map (or scroll down the page for a list of the maps), these are extremely big maps, don't even try to view a map if you have a slow connection.

Online timetable route map.

'Trains at a glance' is an awesome 'all India' timetable of all mail/express trains, it is an absolute 'must have' if you plan to travel around India, it is available widely in India and you'll normally see it on sale in most of the larger stations.

There is an online (pdf) version, but you'll need the route map as it indicates the table numbers you need to check for trains on each route, view the route map at - you'll need to increase the size to about 125% (just click on the map).

To view the timetables, go to and click on 'Select table no'.

Have fun.
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Jalgaon/Bhusaval to Jhansi/Agra

Train 2627 departs Jalgaon daily at 16:50 and gets to Agra Cant at 06:43

Train 2715 departs Bhusaval daily at 18:45 and gets to Jhansi at 04:48 and Agra Cant at 08:30

Train 2617 departs Bhusaval daily at 20:25 and gets to Jhansi at 06:45 and Agra Cant at 10:26

Train 2161 departs Jalgaon (Fridays only) at 22:45 and gets to Jhansi at 09:20 and Agra Cant at 12:45

Train 2173 departs Bhusaval (Tu, Su.) at 23:20 and gets to Jhansi at 09:20

All (listed) trains on this route have 2A, 3A and Sleeper class.

Bhusaval to Jhansi costs... (from Jalgaon will be about 5% higher)

2A = Rs 1184
3A = Rs 771
SL = Rs 293

Bhusaval to Agra Cant costs...

2A = Rs 1403
3A = Rs 907
SL = Rs 342

Agra/Jhansi to Bhusaval/Jalgaon

Train 1078 departs Agra Cant daily at 13:55, then Jhansi at 17:20 and gets to Jalgaon at 05:48

Train 2716 departs Agra Cant daily at 16:35, then Jhansi at 19:55 and gets to Bhusaval at 06:30

Train 2780 departs Agra Cant daily at 17:50, then Jhansi at 21:07 and gets to Bhusaval at 07:25

Train 2628 departs Agra Cant daily at 00:05, and gets to Jalgaon at 13:33
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Goa - Ajanta/Ellora Caves.

Sorry, no time to edit this post, will try to later.

Aurangebad is the train station to the south of Ellora and Ajanta caves, there are two completely different ways of getting between Goa and Aurangebad.

Goa to Aurangabad.

Ahmadnagar is 110 Kms south west of Aurangebad, but connected via a direct road, a bus should take just over 2 hours and there should be regular buses.

Train 2779 departs Madgaon daily at 14:30 and gets to Ahmadnagar the following morning at 07:00.

2-tier air con = Rs 1241
3-tier air con = Rs 807
Sleeper Class = Rs 306 (not air con)

The main advantages of this route are, the route from Madgaon up through the Western Ghats is said to be awesome and is covered during daylight hours, also, no changing trains.

The other route involves a change of train just outside Mumbai, but allows train travel from Madgaon (& stations in North Goa) all the way to Aurangebad.

Goa to Mumbai.

Train 6346...Cancona 05:00, Madgaon 06:00, Karmali 06:30, Thivim 07:02, Thane 16:04, Mumbai (LT) 16:40 (2A, 3A, SL.)

Train 0104...Madgaon 10:10, Karmali 10:39, Thivim 10:56, Pernem 11:08, Thane 20:53, Dadar 21:17, Mumbai (CST) 21:45 (1A, 2A, 3A, SL, 2S)

Train 2052...Madgaon 13:45, Thivim 14:23, Thane 22:13, Mumbai (DAR) 22:55 (CC, 2S.)

Train 0112...Madgaon 18:00, Karmali 18:30, Thivim 18:48, Pernem 19:00, Thane 04:53, Dadar 05:17, Mumbai (CST) 05:50 (1A, 2A, 3A, SL.)

Train 2620...Cancona 19:25, Madgaon 20:35. Thane 06:00, Mumbai (LT) 06:35 (2A, 3A, SL.)

Mumbai to Aurangebad

Train 1003 departs Mumbai CST daily at 21:05, Dadar 21:20, Thane 21:44, and gets to Aurangebad at 04:10. (2A, 3A, SL.)

Train 1005 departs Mumbai CST (Tu, Th, Su.) at 23:50, Dadar 00:05, and gets to Aurangebad at 06:40. (3A, SL.)

Train 7605 departs Mumbai CST daily at 16:35, Dadar 16:50, Thane 17:15, and gets to Aurangebad at 00:13. (2A, 3A, SL.)

Train 7617 departs Mumbai CST daily at 06:10, Dadar 06:25, Thane 06:51, and gets to Aurangebad at 13:30. (CC, 2S.)

Aurangabad to Goa.

Train 2780 departs Ahmadnagar daily at 13:10 and gets to Madgaon at 06:03. (2A, 3A, SL.)

Aurangebad to Mumbai

Train 7618 departs Aurangebad daily at 14:35 and gets to Thane 21:18, Dadar 21:48, Mumbai CST 22:10. (CC, 2S.)

Train 7606 departs Aurangebad daily at 22:05 and gets to Thane 04:40, Dadar 05:03, Mumbai CST 05:30. (2A, 3A, SL.)

Train 1004 departs Aurangebad daily at 23:25 and gets to Thane 06:18, Dadar 06:53, Mumbai CST 07:25. (2A, 3A, SL.)

Train 1006 departs Aurangebad (Tu, Th, Sa. only) at 00:30 and gets to Dadar 07:23, Mumbai CST 07:50. (3A, SL.)

Mumbai to Goa.

Train 2051...Mumbai (DAR) 05:30, Thane 05:55, Thivim 12:34, Madgaon 13:40 (CC, 2S.)

Train 0103...Mumbai (CST) 06:55, Dadar 07:10, Thane 07:45, Pernem 16:50, Thivim 17:14, Karmali 17:35, Madgaon 18:40 (1A, 2A, 3A, SL, 2S.)

Train 6345...Mumbai (LT) 11:40, Thane 12:10, Thivim 21:18, Karmali 21:48Madgaon 22:30, Cancona 23:06. (2A, 3A, SL.)

Train 2619...Mumbai (LT) 14:05, Thane 14:30, Madgaon 00:10, Cancona 00:48. (2A, 3A, SL.)

Train 0111...Mumbai (CST) 23:00, Dadar 23:15, Thane 23:45, Pernem 09:10, Thivim 09:28, Karmali 09:46, Madgaon 10:45 (1A, 2A, 3A, SL.)
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Just coppied this from a reply I gave elsewhere.....

Only time will tell how the changes will affect tourists.

Firstly, the rule change is great for Indian Nationals planning 'last minute' trips, and that is the most important thing, they are planning trips from home and need to know what is possible as soon as possible.

For foreign tourists things are a little different (I'm talking about independent travellers without a set itinerary).

If the train they need is not booked up, the Tatkal rules are not needed, so we're only talking about the busy trains, or other trains during a busy period.

At the busy times (or for busy trains) the berths reserved for Tatkal will be sold out within a few hours of going on sale (it can be a few minutes in many trains), so a foreign tourist would need to know what they want to do in 3 days time.

If they get to a city and decide they don't like it, they can't use the Tatkal reservations to book a train for the following day (as the quota may be already sold out), whereas before the Tatkal quota only went on sale the day before departure.

A couple of things to remember when using the Tatkal quota........

End to End fare is charged, meaning - if you booked to travel on the Goa Express (Delhi - Goa) from Delhi to Bhusaval, you will be charged the full fare for the whole of the train's journey from Delhi to Goa.

Additional charges for using Tatkal quota.....

Peak period (16th September - 14th July)

2-tier air con = Rs 300
3-tier air con = Rs 300
Air con chair car = Rs 150
Sleeper class = Rs 150 (not air con)

Non-peak period (15th July - 15th September)

2-tier air con = Rs 200
3-tier air con = Rs 200
Air con chair car = Rs 75
Sleeper class = Rs 75
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Delhi to Haridwar and Dehradun.

Train 2017 (Shatabdi) departs New Delhi daily at 06:55 and gets to Haridwar at 11:22 and Dehradun at 12:40. (ECC, CC.)

Train 9019 departs (old) Delhi daily at 06:50 and get to Haridwar at 15:10 and Dehradun at 17:35. (SL only.)

Train 4309 (Thurs, Fri) and train 4317 (Sun, Mon) depart New Delhi at 10:55 and get to Haridwar at 16:47 and Dehradun at 19:00. (2A, SL.)

Train 2055 (Jan Shatabdi) departs New Delhi (not Sundays) at 15:25 and gets to Haridwar at 19:25 and Dehradun at 21:10. (CC, 2S.)

Train 4041 departs (old) Delhi daily at 22:15 and gets to Haridwar at 05:35 and Dehradun at 08:00. (1A, 2A, 3A, SL.)

Delhi to Haridwar fares...

1A = Rs 1126
ECC = Rs 840
2A = Rs 601
CC = Rs 430 (2017) or Rs 345 (2055)
3A = Rs 390
SL = Rs 149
2S = Rs 107

Other direction to follow.....
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Dehradun and Haridwar to Delhi.

Train 2056 (Jan Shatabdi) departs Dehradun (not Sundays) at 05:10, then Haridwar at 06:23 and gets to New Delhi at 11:15. (CC, 2S.)

Train 6034 (Mon) 4310 (Tue, Wed) 4318 (Fri, Sat) 9266 (Sun) departs Dehradun at 06:00, then Haridwar at 07:35 and gets to New Delhi at 13:10. (14:00 using train 6034) (2A, SL.)

Train 9020 departs Dehradun daily at 10:35, then Haridwar at 13:10 and gets to (old) Delhi at 20:50. (SL only.)

Train 2018 (Shatabdi) departs Dehradun daily at 17:00, then Haridwar at 18:13 and gets to New Delhi at 22:45. (ECC, CC.)

Train 4042 departs Dehradun daily at 21:30, then Haridwar at 23:20 and gets to (old) Delhi at 07:20. (1A, 2A, 3A, SL.)

Dehradun - Delhi fares...

1A = Rs 1273
ECC = Rs 1020
2A = Rs 676
CC = Rs 535 (2018) or Rs 380 (2056)
3A = Rs 437
SL = Rs 166
2S = Rs 117
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#10 Nov 28th, 2005, 14:53
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Aug 2004
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Hi Steve

I have a question that I am sure you have already answered but when I was in Delhi last year we caught a train to Jaisalmer from a really quite station. Which station would have this been? New Delhi or Delhi.

Thanks Steve.
#11 Nov 28th, 2005, 14:58
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Originally Posted by Vespar last year we caught a train to Jaisalmer from a really quite station. Which station would have this been? New Delhi or Delhi.
That would have been Delhi Sarai Rohilla, the train no longer terminates at Sarai Rohilla, it now goes all the way to (old) Delhi.
#12 Dec 31st, 2005, 07:38
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length of a side-berth ?

Steven.. at #8 gives the length of sleeper-class side-berths as 166 cm - which although wonderfully accurate is also really rather short.

On another thread, I recall reading, there is mention of 3A class as having 'more room' than sleeper-class.

So the question is... how long are side-berths in 3A ?
#13 Dec 31st, 2005, 12:15
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Originally Posted by old india hand Steven.. at #8 gives the length of sleeper-class side-berths as 166 cm - which although wonderfully accurate is also really rather short.

On another thread, I recall reading, there is mention of 3A class as having 'more room' than sleeper-class.

So the question is... how long are side-berths in 3A ?
A standard Indian broad gauge carriage is the same length, in Sleeper class the carriage is divided into 9 sections, each having 6 inside berths and 2 side berths, a 3A carriage is divided into only 8 sections (so only 8 sets of side berths).

The Side lower berth is 186 cm long and 53 wide, upper berth is 184 cm long and 54 cm wide.

These measurements are for side berths in 2A, I cant find the measurements for 3A, but I'm 99% sure that the side berth measurements are the same in 3A as they are in 2A.
#14 Jan 1st, 2006, 07:32
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72 berths (9 sections) in a sleeper-class carriage, and 64 (8 sections) in 3A.

Assuming carriages are of the same length - how many berths (sections really) are in a 2A carriage?
#15 Jan 1st, 2006, 17:33
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Dear old india hand,
The answer is 46 Berths, because you don't find Middle Berths in 2A Carriage.
Had there not been AC Machine at the end, there would have been Berth Nos. 47 (LB) and 48 (UB) also in 2A. :-)
In other words, the 2A is divided into 8 Sections out of which,
i) 6 Berths each in 7 Section=42 Berths
ii)4 Berths in 8th Section=====4 Berths
Total..(Actual)............... ......46 Berths
Missing in the last section........2 Berths
Missing Middle Berths...(8x2)...16 Berths
Grand Total......................... .64 Berths
You will find 64 Berths in 3A!!!!!!!!
V.Srinivasa Prasad
1.1.2006/16.35 hrs.

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