Train From Chennai To Mysore?
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Train From Chennai To Mysore?

Hello there,

Wondering if anyone knows how long it takes to get from Chennai to Mysore on the train and what the cost is for 2nd class AC...? Myabe one day the Indian railway system will be easier to navigate...

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Train 2007, Shatabdi Express, leaves Chennai at 0600, arrives Mysore at 1300. Fare is Rs 1260 in First Class, or Rs 650 in Chair Car.

Train 6222, Mysore Express, leaves Chennai at 2145, arrives Mysore at 0805. Fare is Rs 814 in 2A Class.
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several each day, all via Bangalore
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Check out .
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Two trains mentioned....from Chennai to Mysore.Another option is to book Chemmai-Bangalore (many trains) & catch a angalore-Mysore train or bus (every 20 minutes one departs)

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