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Originally Posted by sehmbi View Post 12029 Swarna Shtbdi NDLS - JUC E3 19&20, Am I right in thinking it is the 3rd carrage from the front of train seat numbers 19&20
The above diagram is of 2AC type coach.... your coach is 3E that is 3rd economy which is similar to 3AC coach....
in 2AC coach (above diagram) one section has 6 seats for eg seat numbers 1-6, 7-12, 13-18 etc... one section of 3AC coach has 8 seats 1-8, 9-16.... so your seats will be in 3rd carrage...
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@kedarmad & @sehmbi: You want to know at what position from the engine is your coach. That will be difficult for us to tell, but very easy at the station where you are boarding. The coach positions are displayed on a large electronic board at the main entrance to the station, announced on the PA system and small electronic boards on the platform will show the train number, the coach alternately that will stop there.

3E is the class of the coach that you are travelling in, not anything to do with the position of the coach.
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E = Executive Chair Class (ECC), though when you booked you would have booked 1A
E3 = the third ECC carriage, one of the only trains in India to have 3 x '1A' carriages.

I suspect you'll not find a carriage layout diagram for the ECC carriages on this train, there are some for other ECC carriages, but the ECC carriages on this train are almoct certainly the newer type, and I've not seen any layout diagrams for those, though 19 & 20 are almoct certainly together as ECC is always in groups of 2 seats, it likely says on your ticket WS & AS (window seat and aisle (sp.))

This train gets to sample all the new things first for daytime trains, so you'll likely have wi-fi, television screens and maybe feet nibling fish if Indian Railways decides to try them out.
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Indeed sir, a very helpful diagram of a 2A coach. Please tell me what box opposite the berth nos 43 & 44 shows. Is it a storage space for bedrolls?
Bibek Bhattacharyya
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Originally Posted by Newton View Post Indeed sir, a very helpful diagram of a 2A coach. Please tell me what box opposite the berth nos 43 & 44 shows. Is it a storage space for bedrolls?
Bibek Bhattacharyya
Yes. The position of it, is however not fixed.

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