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brettL Jul 28th, 2008 13:54

Train Bookings
I fly to Delhi on the 1st of August for 2 weeks, Ive been really busy before leaving and haven't figured out any of my travelling itenarary...I know where i want to go, but will sort everything once I'm in Delhi. I was wondering once i get to Delhi would I be able to purchase train tickets from somewhere without making a booking??

Thanks alot for the replies, greatly appreciated :)

Kind Regrds,

Brett L.

greenasgrass Jul 28th, 2008 19:00

I'm not quite sure what you mean by "without a booking". A good place to start finding out about how to get train tickets is the "Train Information" posts and the other excellent threads by Steven_ber and others in this section.

If you buy your tickets in advance you will get a booking where (if) a designated seat is available. Some routes are very popular and fill up very quickly so you may not be able to get tickets for your preferred route/day. If you book tickets and change your plans later, you can usually cancel and get an almost full refund.

You can book tickets at the foreigners ticketing office, upstairs at New Delhi railway station. Don't let anyone tell you it's closed - it almost never is.

PS all of the above learned on IndiaMike - see how great you guys are?!

Aishah Jul 28th, 2008 19:12

Good post, greenasgrass! One thing which you mentioned re people saying the Foreigners' Booking Office is closed, is really important. There have been some threads where folks were duped into going to what was meant to be an official booking office and ended up booking tours by taxi. Don't believe any stories you hear re this Office - it will be closed I think on Sunday. But rest of time is open. Go to New Delhi Railway station main entrance and up the stairs in the entrance hall. There is a reservation office in a separate building further down the road also.

Baba Jul 28th, 2008 19:15

You have to book a certain train, unless you want to join the scrum for "unreserved" seating. Believe me, you want a reserved seat/berth.
Whether or not you can obtain a reservation on the spot depends on quite a few things (like travel time and train choice), but on the whole you're much better off reserving your trains in advance. Especially as you have only two weeks. Certain trains are booked solid for weeks in advance.

brettL Jul 28th, 2008 19:42

thanks for all your quick replies, ill most definately head to new delhi station on saturday once i arrive in delhi... absolutely can't wait, been in thailand for 2 months an i'm looking forward to eating some indian food :)

thanks again, brettL.

:D :D

Buck Jul 28th, 2008 20:49

You can book trains in India on-line! And cancel them for a refund too!
You need to sign up to this site, after that it's pretty straightforward, if you have problems - just shout.

I strongly advise to get your first, at the very least, journey booked. After that I always found it a good idea to be one step ahead knowing that I could always cancel and reschedule.

Indian railways site

Also as said above - read, read, read the posts on train travel. I recently did three months by train and still get confused!

machadinha Jul 28th, 2008 20:56

A detailed description of how to get to the New Delhi Railway Station international tourist bureau:

brettL Jul 29th, 2008 12:59

soo..i booked my ticket to Agra.. it says availability is

WL 17/WL 9

i wouldnt have a clue, does this mean i'll be able to get a ticket or not??

once again, thanks for all your helpfulness :)

really appreciated...

brettL Jul 29th, 2008 13:26

arghh .. im tryin to make payment with my debit card but it keeps putting me onot all these indian banks that dont accept my card, im using an Australian Westpac card? would anyone know which bank to use??


greenasgrass Jul 29th, 2008 14:19


Your ticket is waitlisted. You may or may not get a ticket. The "Train information" and thread on booking train tickets from overseas can explain in more detail, and also with your query regarding the payment gateways. People here seem to have success using the Citibank gateway.

Aishah Jul 29th, 2008 15:04

brettL - Read the Train Information thread as Greenasgrass advises. I wouldn't pay for a WL ticket - these nos. of priority are too risky. If you find your card won't go via Citibank, ICICI or the other one, do as previously suggested and get tourist quotas from the Foreigner Travel Bureau in New Delhi Station. If you have a contact where you are staying in New Delhi, your hotel people may be able to advance book your ticket. It is worth a try for that.

This is the thread:

greenasgrass Jul 29th, 2008 19:04

Thanks for adding the link Aishah. I've got so far with posting, but hyperlinks evade me!

machadinha Jul 29th, 2008 19:22

{offtopic} Greenasgrass (and you're doing well ;) ), you can just copy-paste any URL (web address/hyperlink if you will) from your address bar, then post it here.

A little fancier is to make a bit of text show up as a hyperlink as above; to do this, you would highlight the wanted text, then click that little globe icon ("insert link") on top of the post/reply box, then paste in the desired URL there. (One of a couple of possible sequences to do it really, I just find this easiest.) Note that it already features the "http" bit; if you leave this standing, the URL will read http:http & so turn out dysfunctional (people can click it then remove the superfluous bit though, but it's not exactly chic, and many won't realize that they can. So remove this first, or paste in your entire URL over it.)

btw If you copy an IM thread or post's URL, as above again, the thread title will be automatically inserted, so you won't need to fool around with this.

brettL Jul 29th, 2008 21:04

Thanks for all your help :)
Its greatly appreciated!! I've been on the site all day, an i should have booked everything an planned for my trip way in advance...

Here's the itenarary

New Delhi - Agra
Agra - Varanasi
Varanasi - Jaipur
Jaipur - Delhi

If only i had more time to do lots more :P

I have another few questions, on my ticket to Varanasi its says WL 4 - does anyone know if this means that Iam #4 on the wait list?? an if thatd be a high chance of gettin a seat?? [shock]

an on the varanasi - jaipur ticket (which i havent booked yet) is says RAC 4/RAC 4 , what does this reservation against cancelation mean??? is there a high possibility of a seat , or should i opt for the train that says WL 8/WL 4 the next day?

thanks for your patience, im really confused an its killin me :confused:

Kind Regards,


Buck Jul 29th, 2008 21:10

A quick reply - WL 4 is as you guessed number 4 on the waitlist. You can log on and check if you're moving up by entering your PNR number from your ticket. WL4 isn't too bad - but you never know.
RAC means you can get on the train and travel but you don't have an allocated seat/bunk.
You should check my answer by reading Steven-Bers excellent train articles.

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