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man your a legend....

just quickly , you think i should book the RAC ?? or stick with the WL 4?
will i get a bunk in the end from the RAC, or would i have to stand?? its a quite a long train trip ..
ill have a look at the atricle now, thanks for the reply :)
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Originally posted by: brettL View Post

Thanks for all your help :)
Its greatly appreciated!! I've been on the site all day, an i should have booked everything an planned for my trip way in advance...

Here's the itenarary

New Delhi - Agra
Agra - Varanasi
Varanasi - Jaipur
Jaipur - Delhi

If only i had more time to do lots more :P

I have another few questions, on my ticket to Varanasi its says WL 4 - does anyone know if this means that Iam #4 on the wait list?? an if thatd be a high chance of gettin a seat?? [shock]

an on the varanasi - jaipur ticket (which i havent booked yet) is says RAC 4/RAC 4 , what does this reservation against cancelation mean??? is there a high possibility of a seat , or should i opt for the train that says WL 8/WL 4 the next day?

thanks for your patience, im really confused an its killin me :confused:

Kind Regards,


Brett, I feel worn out reading this thread, watching you make mistakes at lightening speed.

For your own sake, GIVE MORE DETAILS.

WL 04, it's a very prety round number, 4x1, 2x2, 3+1, 61-57, a loverly number, you can do all sorts with it, but as a waitlist number, it's bloody useless without more details.

What train?
What Date?
What Class?
From what station?
TO what station?

I'm guessing it's for either 4854 or 4864 from Agra Fort to Varanasi Jn.

If so, try booking on the same train from Idgah Agra to Varanasi Jn, Idgah Agra is only 2kms from Agra Fort (on the way to Agra Cant station), but a lot more tickets are allocated to Idgah Agra than to Agra Fort.

Berths allocated for this sector are as follows:-

Train 4854/4864

Agra Fort - Varanasi Jn
2A = 2, 3A = 8, SL = 16

Idgah Agra Jn - Varanasi Jn
2A = 6, 3A = 22, SL = 180

So you can see how a WL 4 can be a poor option from Agra Fort, in 3A, you'd be waiting for 4 cancellations from a total of 8 passengers, unlikely.


I've not had time to read all your posts yet, but Delhi-Agra can easily be done, if you take the Shatabdi train from New Delhi (06:15) to Agra Cant (08:12), some tickets are held back for this train for 'day of journey' sale and can be purchased 2 hours before the train is due to depart.


Of course, all the above info is bloody useless, because you should be traveling first to Varanasi from Delhi, then from Varanasi to Agra, then to Jaipur.
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haha cheers for the reply!!

ive booked 2 tickets and paid for 2 tickets so far

these are
Monday : NDLS - AGC
Train 2138 Punjab Mail on the 2ac (i am on no waiting list for this one an i have a seat)

The second train from AF - Varanasi (BSB)
is train 4864 Maudhar Express in the 2ac sleeper section leaving on Tuesday @ 21:10
it says on the PNR form , s#1 current status W/L 4

Iam now in the process of booking my trip from Varanasi to Jaipur, there is an available 3ac sleeper class on the date that i need so i might just go with that...

An then hopefully I'm homefree on the Japiur - Delhi trip....

Thanks for your replies... I appreciate it heaps.
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Originally posted by: brettL View Post

haha cheers for the reply!! I appreciate it heaps.
I would suggest that you actually take heed of what Steven says, as he knows more about Indian Railways than almost anyone else on this site.

In particular... if he says that your WL4 ticket is unlikely to ever get confirmed than you should be making other arrangements - or, at least, you should have a backup plan. What will you do if you aren't allowed to board that train?

I'd cancel everything and start again. Delhi-Varanasi-Agra-Jaipur-Delhi is a much more logical route for what you want to see.
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You're certainly not homefree.

Really, try to read, listen, understand, and do all these before acting or buying any other tickets.

The Punjab Mail starts it's journey over 8 hours before it gets to Delhi, it then departs 30 minutes before the Shatabdi (assuming the Punjab Mail isn't delayed), it then gets to Agra 30 minutes later than the Shatabdi.

The Agra - Varanasi train ticket has NO CHANCE of becoming a confirmed ticket, unless the 2 confirmed ticket holders cancel their tickets, then the two people who then get the tickets also cancel, then the next person also cancels.

You're then going to sit on a train from Varanasi for 9-10 hours, and wake up, and a couple of hours later you'll be in Agra, then realise you've still got more than 5 hours on that train before you'll reach Jaipur, and it's already running 2-3 hours late (as it often does).
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well it seems i have made a complete mess of my itenararey an this train system, only i am to blame though ;) .....
i feel quit stupid now [whoa] is there any suggestions you think i do?? refund my tickets an try something else?? i would have lost out a bit of money from transaction fees...just my luck
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thanks for the advice mickyS, im gonna do that ... its past midnight here an its been a long day!! ima sort it all out 2morow (hopefully) thanks to everyone who has helped me, i really aprreciate it alot...

kind regards

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This is difficult as you give little info.

first, don't cancel any tickets yet, book your other trains first, then cancel the first tickets, cancellation fees are very small.

You were going to Agra very early in the morning, so not sure when you'd like to take your first journey (to Varanasi), then I don't know how long you plan to spend in Varanasi, or what class you prefer to travel in.

If you leave Agra till after Varanasi, you may want to hire a car & driver for the journey from Agra to Jaipur, this will allow you to visit Fathepur Sikri on the way to Jaipur, I've really no idea how much a car & driver would cost, but I doubt you'd pay less that Rs2000, and being Agra, you may do well to get the driver down to Rs3000, but as I said, I've really no idea and those prices could easily be wrong.

Train 2458A, (Old) Delhi 18:15, Varanasi Jn 07:30, has 7 berths available in 2-tier air con for Sunday (3rd) and 9 berths available in 3-tier air con for Monday (4th).

Varanasi Jn to Agra Fort.

Train 4853, Varanasi Jn 17:20, Agra Fort 06:10

Train 4863, Varanasi Jn 18:15, Agra Fort 06:10

These trains unfortunately seem to run late often.

Mon 4th (4853), 2A = AVAILABLE-1, 3A = RAC 1
Tue 5th (4863), 2A = no good, 3A = RAC 5
Wed 6th (4853), 2A = no good, 3A = RAC 4
Thu 7th (4863), 2A = no good, 3A = AVAILABLE-13 (see post below by Mickey)

All those RAC numbers should be OK, and you should end up with a confirmed berth.
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And bear in mind that the Taj Mahal is closed on Fridays.
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Thank you all for your help...
Im going to book them tickets tommorrow...
should i be able to get a refund for the tickets i have already bought??

thanks so much for your help...
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You can cancel the tickets at IRCTC just as easily as you booked them. There's a small cancellation fee (Rs.50 or so).

But, as Steven says, book new tickets before cancelling the ones you already have.
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i just wanna say a big thanks to all the people that helped..especially stevenber an mickyS...

after a few days my train tickets are all done an the trip is time im gonna give myself alot more time :)

cheers :D :D
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Good to hear, Brett. I may have missed it previously, but in case it wasn't there, I'm interested to know which Gateway you used for your Visa card? Which was the one that worked for you?
Every cloud has a silver lining! :)
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Hey Aishah...

I used the Citibank one at the top on the right!! Before that i used the Axis one an i got completely ripped of with fees, it was ridiculous...the citibank worked 95% of the time.. I have a westpac mastercard from Australia..

Hope that helps :)
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Thanks for that info. BrettL - much appreciated.
Every cloud has a silver lining! :)

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