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Mark_Lester Dec 29th, 2013 23:24

So in order to get an entry on IMDb as a producer, director, editor, writer and cinematographer he's listed a film that doesn’t actually exist about an unattributed idea ?. I don’t know if I should feel insulted or justified.
I've got a trailer he made somewhere. I did wonder if that's how far it would go.

Mark_Lester Dec 30th, 2013 01:10

I've just re-read his email thread with me. He'd come up with the idea barely a month beforehand and was going in a few days ....

I stumbled across your splendid Indian Railway project a couple of weeks ago, whilst I was busy planning a very similar escapade of my own.
Comparing our websites, we seem to be doing a spookily similar thing in travelling to the Northern, Southern, Eastern, Westernmost, Highest and Lowest train stations in India
An amazing coincidence indeed. not to mention the blog, including platform. But when you factor in that Emily, who took the above photo, was already signed up and paid up and was big chums with this guy's girlfriend when he had his divine instruction, but who had no knowledge of Jonathan's, by then previous, expedition when she met me, it's just, well, unbelievable.
It’s a free world, just don’t pull my chain please.

ah found it,

p.s. I think my ex Delhi next-door-neighbour is on your team. What a small world ay? Say hi to her for me!
what, you "think" an acquaintance of yours just happens to be doing exactly your itinterary of dwarka, udhapmpur, ledo, ghum, RAMESWARAM, and kanyakumari. I mean ffs, didnt you listen to the guy in the solid state lecture ranting on about stats. The only way you get Ghum, therefor Rameswaram, is by Steven suggesting it.

here we go, this is the sexy trailer

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