TDR filing and refund
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TDR filing and refund

I am having a peculiar problem. Here is the case:

I booked a wait listed e-ticket for 3 passengers. The ticket got to RAC for all 3 passengers by the time of chart preparation and 2 of the passengers got a berth and third passenger needed to share the berth with someone else. 2nd passenger canceled his journey and foolishly I thought, since the chart is already prepared, the first passenger will automatically get the complete berth. I then filed a TDR for 2nd passenger online. One hour later, all 3 passengers decided not to travel. The system is not allowing me to file the TDR for rest of the 2 passengers and railways is asking me for some "Original Guard Certificate" obtained from TTE for the filed TDR, which I obviously don't have because we didn't travel.

Do I have any option or should I consider whole of my money lost.

Thanks in advance.

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Why did you file the TDR in a hurry. The fact that you filed a TDR for one passenger out of 3 is making the railways suspicious. Could have waited and filed for all.

You should try emailing IRCTC/whichever website and proceed. The PRS needs to get updated info about who traveled and who didn't which happens after the TTE reports back.
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I know I made a mistake by filing it in a hurry but I came to know only recently that TDR can be filed even after train's departure. I didn't know that earlier.

I have tried emailing IRCTC at "" but there has been no response till now. The travel date was 2 weeks back so I think TTE's report would have arrived by now. Forgive my ignorance but what is PRS?
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Originally posted by: vktyagi View Post

Forgive my ignorance but what is PRS?

PRS = Passenger Reservation System
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Sir if my sleeper class RLWL e-ticket doesn't get confirmed at all, then can i file a TDR?
If Yes then what are the procedures? If No then what am i supposed to do in that case.
My journey is on 19th Jan 2013!
Please reply as soon as you can!
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An WL e-ticket automatically gets canceled and refund given. No need for TDR.
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Filing TDR

Would I get full refund excluding reservation charges on my SL Class e-ticket if my ticket stays in RLWL till the end or would I get 50% refund of the fare??

Kindly please reply as soon as possible!!
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Everything after clerkage.
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I didn't get you!!
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Full refund after deducting clerkage.
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Filing TDR

Clerkage is Rs 20/- per ticket or per passenger???
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Originally posted by: nik420 View Post

Would I get full refund excluding reservation charges on my SL Class e-ticket if my ticket stays in RLWL till the end or would I get 50% refund of the fare??

Kindly please reply as soon as possible!!

Full Refund - Clerkage Charges - Service Tax on Clerkage Charges.
For Online Booked Tickets Payment Gateway/Bank Charges + Website/IRCTC Charges may not be refunded.

Originally posted by: nik420 View Post

Clerkage is Rs 20/- per ticket or per passenger???

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TDR filed But did not get any refund even after 1 month

I booked a e ticket for two persons on 12.01.2015 from Jhansi Jn to H. Nizamuddin against PNR No. 8331764719 Txn. ID- 100000152822136
Date of journey 19.01.2015. In this ticket only one seat i got confirmed and the other one was booked in waiting. Later on 18.01.2015 i checked the running status of the train and it was approx. 10 Hrs late so immediately I filed a TDR on at 11:26 PM with reason "train late more than 3 hrs and passengers not traveled" where as the scheduled time of the train at Jhansi JN was 04:30 AM on 19.01.2015. It means i filed a TDR almost 5 Hrs before the train time. TDR file details are as follows:

Date & Time : 18.01.2015 at 23.:26:16 HRS
Cancellation Id: 100000030882785
Registration No :BNR240115W03831
Reason For Cancellation:"train late more than 3 hrs and passengers not traveled"
TDR Zone: Northern Railways
TDR Status: CR Registered

And i still did not get any refund or confirmation form them and when i asked IRCTC by emailing at . The below Reply i got:

1. Dear Customer,

Kindly note that we are in the process of communicating this refund process online with most of the Railway Zones to make the refund process faster and are expediting the matter with the competent authorities but still amount of refund is decided and granted by the concerned Railway zones and this process takes some time.

Kindly cooperate with us,once the refund is received from the railways the amount will be credited to your same account.

Thanks & Regards

Sweta Sharma
Executive Customer Care

2. Dear Customer,

As per the policy framed by Railway Board, refund is processed by the Zonal Railway under whose jurisdiction station of the train falls. IRCTC only provides access to Railway Passenger Reservation System through its server and internet connectivity to book the ticket through it. Railway and IRCTC are different entities. TDR filed by the customers are directly dealt by the concerened Railway for decision. IRCTC has no role in deciding the refund. On receipt of refund amount from the Railways, it is credited to the account of the customer through same payment gateway which was used while making booking.
You can check the status of your TDR claim online at IRCTC website using your login account.

Thanks & Regards
Neema Khatri
Executive, Customer Care
Ph: 011-23340000

Now can any one please help me to get the refund. What should i do now or from where can i get the exact information regarding the same.

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