Status Change After Final Chart Preparation

#1 Feb 19th, 2012, 15:37
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I am seeing from the Indian Railways chart that the final chart has been prepared, and my ticket is W/L 1. Is it possible for the status to change after the chart has been prepared? I am boarding at the train's originating station, which I think would hurt my chances. Does anyone have experience of the status changing AFTER the final chart has been prepared, and will the Indian Railways website post those changes?
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You've give yourself no chance of getting a useful reply.

DETAIL is king, and detail changes from reply from a general reply (normally not much help) to a very personalised reply.

It's too late now, the train has left the station.

Detail needed

What train? some members will have experience of that train.

What class? WL1 in 1A goes direct to a confirmed berth if just 1 person doesn't show, so does ECC, CC and 2S, ALL other classes go to RAC before confirmed status.

Boarding station, and where have you booked to? (then we'll know if your ticket is in the General, Remote Location or Pooled quota, pooled quota goes direct from WL1 to confirmed, general and RL dont (unless 1A, ECC, CC or 2S).

A general question gets a general reply, and general replies are not always helpful.

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