Riding the Konkan Railway
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Riding the Konkan Railway

I'd like to try out the Konkan Railway just for the pleasure
of the trip, from northern coastal Karnataka (Gokarna or
Karwar) northbound and back.

How far northbound is the really scenic part of the trip?

Looking at the Southern Railway timetable, it seems one
could start at Karwar at 0600, and taking a sequence of
passenger trains (KAM2, KR8, KR6) get to Roha by 1725;
spend the night in Roha; and take the reverse sequence
(KR5, KR7, and KAM1) back to Karwar the next day.

Is this in fact the same train with changing numbers?
If it is different trains, would there be a possibility of
missing the connection, or would they wait?

(Oops, I've just noticed that on the return trip, KR7
arrives Madgaon at 1910, and KAM1 leaves at 1900.
Unless there's a misprint in the timetable, they must
be different trains. Strange, KR7 arrives at the previous
station, Suravali, at 1746, but is scheduled to arrive at
Madgaon, only 7 km away, at 1910.)

Has anyone done this trip? Would ten or eleven hours
on a passenger train, on two consecutive days, be more
than one could bear?

There's a group of express trains that do the trip during
the day, almost a different one for each day of the week,
leaving Kankanadi near Mangalore at 0515 and Karwar
at 0908, but they don't stop at Roha, only variously at
Chiplun or Khed or Veer or Mangaon; but their respective
return trips are during the night.

Perhaps train #0104 Madgaon/Mumbai CST Mandovi
Express as far as Mangaon, and #0103 back the next
day, might be a better choice. But it's only an hour or
so faster than the passenger train sequence, and I'd
have to get from Karwar to Madgaon first and at the end.

Comments welcome!
It's all part of the adventure of travelling! cool:


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| a.k.a. IndiaJP

Can someone at least answer this part of my request:

"How far northbound is the really scenic part of the trip?"
It's all part of the adventure of travelling! cool:

| The Lusty Wanderer...
well cannot give the definitive answer to you...

However have returned from couple of days back only and was traveling in Sleeper class, I boarded Goa S Kranti from Thivim at around 12:30pm and the route was good virtually till the time the daylight lasted..

Even though it is wonderful, however as many would say you won't be able to enjoy it in AC class, and you need to go via SL, however in SL it becomes very uncomfortable, as the trains run on diesel engines, the exhaust fumes are very irritating in the long tunnels, and don't even mention the Dust and Dirt..it gets very bad...
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I agree with Shashank on the tunnel part. There are quite a few long tunnels and it can get a bit uncomfortable if you are in sleeper class. However, if your primary objective is to enjoy the view, Sleeper class is the best bet.

As for scenic part of the route, Almost the entire stretch is good - You have hilly terrain and a lot of tunnels Around Ratnagiri, Chiplun etc . This sector is characterised by high viaducts, tunnels, huge embankments on both sides, curves etc. South of Thivim you hit coastal terrain and some wonderful long bridges with occasional glimpses of the sea. This continues till you touch Kankanadi.

Am not very sure about which train will suit you best, but like you indicated, a morning start from Karwar will ensure that you cover the entire stretch during daytime.
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Dear Jeane,

You will certainly enjoy your trip, if you can consider taking 2432 Rajadhani Express from Panvel to Kankanadi, the only train which covers the entire Konkan Railway during day -time
Schedule of 2432 NZM-TVC Rajadhani (bi-weekly)
7 PNVL PANVEL 1 05:10 05:15 1397 2
8 RN RATNAGIRI 1 09:20 09:25 1759 2
9 SWV SAWANTWADI ROAD 1 11:08 11:10 1984 2
10 MAO MADGAON 1 12:25 12:35 2094 2
11 KAWR KARWAR 1 13:28 13:30 2176 2
12 ANKL ANKOLA 1 15:00 15:01 2215 2 Train doesn't halt at this station, presently
13 UD UDUPI 1 15:50 15:52 2443 2
14 KNKD KANKANADI 1 17:15 17:25 2524 2
Schedule of 2431 TVC-NZM Rajadhani
7 KNKD KANKANADI 1 06:20 06:25 625 2
8 UD UDUPI 1 07:16 07:18 706 2
9 ANKL ANKOLA 1 08:58 09:00 934 2 Train doesn't halt at this station, presently
10 KAWR KARWAR 1 09:28 09:30 973 2
11 MAO MADGAON 1 10:25 10:35 1055 2
12 SWV SAWANTWADI ROAD 1 11:53 11:55 1165 2
13 RN RATNAGIRI 1 14:00 14:05 1390 2
14 PNVL PANVEL 1 18:05 18:10 1749 2

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