Retiring room / Hotel at NJP
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Retiring room / Hotel at NJP


We are looking at taking the Shatabdi to NJP and the toy train to DJ the following morning. I was wondering: are there any decent hotels near the NJP station? Or is the retiring room a better option? Basically, we would like a safe, clean place to spend the night. Darjeeling Mail is waitlisted. Also, not completely sure about Darjeeling Mail actually making it in time for the toy train.

I doubt that this matters, but I am an Indian citizen with a US green card (i.e. a NRI or with no value in India) and my wife is an US citizen with an Indian visa.

Also, with regard to the toy train, it appears that the chair car is more expensive than the first class. About R300 or so difference. Normally sounds strange but is this because the chair car is AC now? Which one is more preferable in terms of experiencing the journey? The first class appears to have fewer seats.


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